Swamp Cooler Service for Commercial Kitchens in Southern CA

September 18, 2019
Swamp Cooler Service for Commercial Kitchens in Southern CA

There are many pieces of equipment that are important to have in a commercial kitchen. Refrigerators, sinks, ovens, stoves, charbroilers and grills, toasters, and deep fryers are some of the types of equipment that a restaurant might have in their kitchen.

However, kitchen equipment goes way beyond just the latter. Also important is to have proper ventilation in your commercial kitchen provided by an exhaust system. In fact, your kitchen exhaust contains a swamp cooler that plays a big responsibility in keeping your kitchen up and running properly. Although, many people fail to recognize the importance of this piece of equipment.

The Role of Swamp Coolers in Commercial Kitchens

As part of your kitchen ventilation system, swamp coolers help replace the hot air expelled from your exhaust fan and, in turn, replace that hot, uncomfortable heat with cool air. Likewise, the tasks of a swamp cooler can help prevent your kitchen hood’s fire suppression system from overheating. Ultimately, swamp coolers help keep your commercial kitchen safe, sound, and properly functioning.

Why Get Regular Swamp Cooler Maintenance?

Without a properly working swamp cooler, your kitchen could become overheated, air flow may come to a standstill, and doors may slam due to the vacuum effect this causes. As a result of the latter, your kitchen can become incredibly uncomfortable for employees, if not dangerous.

In extreme cases, your kitchen may become smoky and not properly ventilated if your exhaust system’s swamp cooler isn’t in working order. These issues can then contribute to other problems in the kitchen, including health problems, and may even begin affect the productivity of your employees and the dining experience of your customers.

Due to these risks, it’s no surprise that regular swamp cooler maintenance is critical in any commercial kitchen. By opting for swamp cooler service from a professional every six months, you can be confident that your kitchen ventilation system will continue to work well over the months.

Get Swamp Cooler Service Today!

Is there stale, hot air trapped in your commercial kitchen? Do you feel like your kitchen flue isn’t properly removing smoke and other debris from your kitchen space? You might need swamp cooler maintenance.

Apart from maintenance, we also sell and install swamp coolers in Southern California. In addition to our swamp cooler sales and services, our technicians have experience cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining other parts of your kitchen exhaust system to keep your kitchen as safe as possible.

Even if you aren’t sure what the problem entails, give us a call today at 800-700-FLUE!