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Learn More about Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

May 23, 2016
Every commercial kitchen is made up of various parts, including: Exhaust fan Diverter Drip cup Swamp cooler or evaporative cooler Manual pull station Portable fire extinguisher Automatic fire system Hood Grease filters Fusible links Exhaust/flue duct Like an orchestra Each of these parts handle a different function to ensure the commercial kitchen stays well-ventilated and […]

Enjoy a more efficient commercial kitchen when you partner with Flue Steam Inc.

May 12, 2016
As a commercial kitchen manager, you probably often feel like you have to go a million miles a minute to keep your restaurant or hotel kitchen running smoothly. You have endless lists running through your head all day long, and may even have trouble shutting off your mind when it’s time to sleep at night. […]