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Benefits of Getting Commercial Flue Cleaning Service in Dana Point CA

May 14, 2020
Your commercial kitchen flue plays a pivotal role in your restaurant, whether you want to believe it does or not. But something you may not know is that having a regularly cleaned kitchen flue is so much more than just allowing you to maintain a cleaner environment. It’s also about ensuring your commercial property is […]

Filthy Grease Filter in Your Sherman Oaks CA Restaurant? Here’s Why You Need it Cleaned ASAP

May 7, 2020
Commercial kitchens require a lot of upkeep. There’s no doubt about it. Countertops must remain clean and sanitary. Floors must regularly be swept and mopped. Dishes must be done and properly stored. The list goes on for what seems like forever. Nonetheless, maintaining a clean, orderly, and sanitized environment is critical in commercial kitchens as […]