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Get Answers to Common Questions About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

June 22, 2021
Find out what to expect when you engage to clean your commercial exhaust system. Learn about the importance of exhaust cleaning, the difference between thorough and regular cleaning, and the benefits of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. Then call at for assistance. What is the Purpose of Exhaust Cleaning? Exhaust cleaning is the appropriate name for […]

Now is the Time to Take Steps to Reduce the Risk of Kitchen Fire in Your Commercial Kitchen

June 10, 2021
Commercial kitchens aren’t exactly the safest places to be. You certainly wouldn’t want to leave youngsters unsupervised in one. In a commercial kitchen, cross contamination, sharp kitchen equipment, and slip and fall risks are all conceivable. The riskiest of all is the possibility of a flash fire. With hot appliances, exposed flames, and grease accumulation, […]