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The Significance of Keeping Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters Clean: Understanding the Dual Roles of Clean Grease Filters in the Commercial Kitchen Realm

July 29, 2023
In commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance, considerable focus is often placed on ensuring that exhaust hoods and ductwork are clean. However, the role of grease filters cannot be overlooked – they are an integral component of this setup. There Are Two Main Roles of Grese Filters. Grease filters perform two critical roles in commercial kitchens. […]

Overcoming Challenges to Comprehensive Flue Cleaning: The Roadblocks to Comprehensive Flue Cleaning

July 17, 2023
Maintaining a clean kitchen exhaust system is not just a regulatory requirement — it also provides numerous significant advantages for your business. However, some commercial kitchens fail to receive the meticulous cleaning they genuinely need. The reasons for this can be numerous, but here are four common scenarios. If you need help with flue cleaning, […]