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What Appliances Need Exhaust Hood Cleaning & When?

December 27, 2014
Learn how and when to remove grease from your appliances for cost-effective fire risk mitigation. Exhaust hood and duct cleaning is an essential service for commercial kitchens because it helps reduce the risk of fire in the exhaust system. At Flue Steam, we offer two different methods for exhaust hood cleaning: hand scraping and steam […]

Top 5 Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning from Flue Steam

December 20, 2014
Learn about the many benefits of trusting Flue Steam with your kitchen exhaust duct cleaning. Every commercial kitchen needs periodic exhaust duct cleaning service. You may have many options for contractors to provide this service, but here at Flue Steam we believe we can provide superior service. Here are the top 5 benefits of working […]