About Us

About Us
Flue Steam has been helping keep commercial cooking environments clean and safe for over 50 years. Our company was founded in 1971, during a period when health and fire codes governing commercial kitchens began to be enforced more strictly and many businesses found themselves struggling to meet all the requirements. Flue Steam was right there to help with vital services that reduce the risk of exhaust system fires in hotels and restaurants.

As a long-term industry player, we have grown right alongside the businesses we serve. As code requirements and technology evolved, so did we. We always follow industry best practices to ensure that your kitchen’s exhaust system is clean, safe, and up to code.

We are members of the following organizations:

IKECA —International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association
NFPA — National Fire Prevention Association
CRA — California Restaurant Association

Don’t risk code violations by hiring a discount, fly-by-night exhaust system cleaning company to service your commercial kitchen. Instead, stick with the pros from Flue Steam and build a lasting relationship with a quality partner. We’ve been around longer than any other contractor in Southern California, and we’re here to stay.