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The Fire Suppression System: A Necessity for Commercial Kitchen Safety

September 12, 2023
Flash fires are an unfortunate reality in the bustling space of a commercial kitchen. These unexpected blazes, often stemming from varying causes, can wreak havoc on both your operations and kitchen apparatus. One of the most prevalent flash fires originates from grease, and traditional water sprinklers usually fall short in taming them. This is where […]

Optimizing Your Commercial Kitchen with Efficient Exhaust Fan Maintenance: The Significance of an Efficient Exhaust Fan in Commercial Kitchens

September 5, 2023
Within the bustling environment of a commercial kitchen, the exhaust fan plays a pivotal role. Not only does it expel unwanted hot air and lingering odors, but it also crucially removes vaporized grease – a standard residue from cooking processes. A lapse in regular cleaning or a malfunction in your exhaust fan can hinder its […]