Grease Filter Exchange Service

Grease FilterThe grease filters within your kitchen exhaust system exist to reduce the amount of vaporized grease that ends up within your exhaust system ducts, where it can cause a flash fire. Clean filters can trap up to 70-80 percent of the grease passing through them. But if your filters are already saturated with grease, they can’t do their job properly and you will end up with reduced efficiency of your system and  a dangerous grease accumulation right above your cooking appliances.

Investing in regular grease filter replacement and cleaning will help reduce your risk of fire and avoid its potentially devastating impact on your business. Flue Steam offers a quick, convenient, affordable filter exchange program that lets you take the hassle out of keeping up with grease filter maintenance.

Grease Filter ExchangeSimply call or email us to initiate the service. We will then set up a regular schedule for you, so that a qualified technician will deliver fresh, clean filters right to your kitchen at the preset intervals of your choice. The technician will install the new filters for you as well as haul away the old filters for cleaning.

In most cases, filters should be cleaned or replaced every two weeks, but some restaurants that don’t use much grease or oil can extend the life of their filters to four weeks.

New grease filters are also available for purchase from Flue Steam. We carry most sizes of Kason and Flame Gard brand grease filters. Because we buy our filters in bulk, we can pass the savings along to you.