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Got Ghostly Grease in your Exhaust System?

October 20, 2018
So many commercial kitchens throughout Southern California are unknowingly harboring the ghastliest thing imaginable… grease! If your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system isn’t thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, then it’s at a risk of a flash fire (plus it’s in violation of code, and you could be fined). To prevent ghostly grease from taking refuge […]

Scared of Flash Fires? Contact Flue Steam Inc. Today

October 8, 2018
Flash fires are all too common in commercial kitchens throughout the US, even here in Southern California. But unlike zombie apocalypses, they can be prevented. This Halloween, make sure a flash fire won’t happen in your commercial kitchen by signing up for all the services offered by , especially exhaust system cleaning. No tricks, all […]