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Get the Facts About How Often Flue Cleaning Should Be Completed in Southern California

August 24, 2021
Did you realize that cleaning your commercial kitchen’s flue on a regular basis is extremely essential? In general, a filthy flue and exhaust system may be unsanitary, inefficient, and potentially hazardous. This is because accumulated grease may quickly create a flash fire. A single strike of a match or a single towel catching fire during […]

You Do Not Have to Accept a High Fire Risk in Your Commercial Kitchen – Learn How the Risk Can Be Reduced

August 11, 2021
We at shake our heads every time a news item mentions a commercial kitchen fire. Many individuals are unaware that commercial kitchen fires are entirely avoidable. They shouldn’t be occurring now, in the twenty-first century, when we should all know how to prevent kitchen fires. The restaurant kitchen “El Chévere” in Passaic, New Jersey, caught […]