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Learn What to Expect When You Call Us for Emergency Services

November 24, 2021
Everyone who owns or maintains a business kitchen in Southern California should take advantage of our exhaust system cleaning services. Monthly hand scraping, along with quarterly steam cleaning, can prevent harmful grease from accumulating in your industrial kitchen’s exhaust system, which might result in a flash fire. It’s not only a good idea, but it’s […]

The Key to Preventing Grease Fires is to Prevent Grease Buildup – We Can Help

November 10, 2021
When we need to lubricate machinery or a vehicle’s brake pads for maximum performance, grease might be regarded beneficial. When we need to waterproof and protect a pair of shoes, the correct grease or lubricant may also help with a blocked or noisy door. However, we perceive grease to be negative when we come into […]