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Flue Steam Inc.: Serving Southern Californian Commercial Kitchens for Over 50 Years

August 18, 2017
Did you know that has been keeping commercial kitchens running smoothly and efficiently for over 4 decades? That’s right – has been in business for over years, and during that time, we’ve only expanded our offerings to make your busy schedule at least a little less packed. We’re the leader in commercial kitchen air control […]

Tired of Dealing with Dirty Grease in Your Commercial Kitchen? Sign up for Grease Filter Exchange Service from Flue Steam Inc.

August 4, 2017
No one likes having to deal with dirty grease, but it’s a fact of life in a commercial kitchen. Grease is part of the deal, especially if your commercial kitchen cooks plenty of fried and broiled food. Vaporized grease naturally goes up into your kitchen’s exhaust system, which must be cleaned on a regular basis […]