Four Things You Need to Know About Your Swamp Cooler

April 27, 2014

Understanding your swamp cooler is vital for a comfortable kitchen

Swamp CoolerWhen it comes to keeping a commercial kitchen cool and smoke-free, most people immediately focus on the exhaust system, which is designed to whisk away hot, smoky, smelly air. However, we also need to think about how cool, fresh air is going to get into the kitchen. That’s where the swamp cooler comes in. If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, you need to know these four things about your swamp cooler.

Is It Properly Sized?

In order to function efficiently and effectively, swamp coolers need to be appropriately sized, not just for the size of the kitchen but for the volume of air that will be removed by the exhaust system. If the swamp cooler doesn’t introduce enough air to replace the removed air, you’ll end up with a vacuum effect in the kitchen, which can cause slamming doors and discomfort for employees. If the swamp cooler produces too much air, it can potentially cause air currents that affect the ability of exhaust hoods to suck up hot, greasy air.

Is It Bringing Clean Air Into The Kitchen?

Of course, it’s important to confirm that the swamp cooler actually is bringing clean air into the kitchen. If the unit is drawing outside air, there could be the possibility of it drawing contaminants like pollen or exhaust fumes into the kitchen. And if the unit has mold or mildew inside, it will certainly be putting out smelly air that may also be laden with allergens.

Where Are Water Lines Located?

Leaking water lines or drains can cause serious damage to your property if not noticed and corrected quickly. Knowing where your water lines are located is quite useful because it allows you to check for signs of water damage regularly.

When Was the Last Time It Was Serviced?

Industry standards dictate that swamp coolers be serviced every six months. It is very important to stay on top of your swamp cooler service schedule to ensure your unit gets the attention it needs to perform its best. At Flue Steam, our technicians can provide expert swamp cooler service, including inspections, cleaning, and repairs. You can rely on us to catch any incipient problems early and recommend the necessary repairs so you can hopefully avoid an emergency situation where your swamp cooler suddenly fails, leaving your kitchen hot, smoky, and stuffy.