The Fire Suppression System: A Necessity for Commercial Kitchen Safety

September 12, 2023

Flash fires are an unfortunate reality in the bustling space of a commercial kitchen. These unexpected blazes, often stemming from varying causes, can wreak havoc on both your operations and kitchen apparatus. One of the most prevalent flash fires originates from grease, and traditional water sprinklers usually fall short in taming them.

This is where a top-notch fire suppression system steps in, bridging the gap. Not only does it strategically interface with the range hood and gas line, cutting off the fire’s fuel supply upon activation, but it also employs specialized nozzles within the hood’s ventilation system. These nozzles dispense fire-quenching agents, making it a dual-action system optimized for handling flash fires. The outcome? Your commercial kitchen remains protected, and your staff’s safety is ensured.

Assessing the Efficacy of Your Fire Suppression System

The mere presence of a fire suppression system is not an assurance of safety. It must be up-to-date and effectively configured. Uncertain about the current status of your system? Let Flue Steam, the commercial kitchen safety maestros, guide you. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of existing fire suppression systems, and should you need an upgrade, our catalog has the latest models, ensuring maximum protection.

Moreover, proper installation is a non-negotiable aspect. With Flue Steam at the helm, you benefit from impeccable installation services that align with safety benchmarks. A reliable fire suppression system minimizes the risks associated with flash fires, ensuring seamless operations. While its need might never arise, being prepared isn’t just a prudent move – it’s a legal mandate. Commercial kitchen standards necessitate that fire suppression systems be maintained in impeccable conditions.

Our expertise extends to ensuring adherence to specific regional regulations, including the esteemed UL 300 standard. Rely on our certified professionals to conduct periodic inspections and essential maintenance every six months, ensuring code-compliance.

We Are Your Partner in Commercial Kitchen Safety

At Flue Steam, we wear our commitment to commercial kitchen safety on our sleeves. While our prowess in fire suppression systems is unparalleled, our service suite caters to an array of kitchen safety essentials:

  • Comprehensive kitchen exhaust system cleansing, inclusive of hand scraping and steam cleaning mechanisms for fans, hoods, and conduits.
  • Periodic grease filter replacement services.
  • Maintenance of swamp coolers for optimal performance.
  • Exhaust fan maintenance to guarantee efficient ventilation.
  • Sales and services for portable fire extinguishers, ensuring instant fire control.

Having solidified our position as the commercial kitchen safety specialists for over half a century, our dedication to fortifying kitchens remains unwavering. Elevate your kitchen’s safety standards with Flue Steam. Connect with our experts at 800-700-FLUE and embark on a journey of uncompromised safety.