Automatic Fire Suppression System Inspection in Southern California

August 8, 2019

Automatic Fire Suppression System Inspection in Southern California

Your commercial kitchen’s automatic fire suppression system plays a big role in keeping your restaurant safe. In fact, these systems have the ability to keep flash fires under control, extinguishing them without the need for human involvement.

As one could imagine, an automatic fire suppression system plays an especially big role if a fire erupts when nobody is there at the time to resolve it, when a fire is too big to tend to with human interaction alone, or when local firefighters are taking too long to arrive at the scene.

Even when coupled with human participation, an automatic fire suppression system can significantly help speed up the rate at which a fire is terminated. In turn, less damage can result. Thus, it’s clear to see how these systems can be so important.

Why Automatic Fire Suppression System Inspection is Important

If you already have a reliable automatic fire suppression system installed in your Southern California commercial kitchen, you might think your kitchen safety is up to par. However, automatic fire suppression systems must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they’re capable of doing what they’re intended to do.

Not only do these inspections help guarantee that your suppression system will be more likely to aid you if and when a fire starts in your commercial kitchen, but you can also avoid any fines or penalties associated with not have a regularly inspected system.

Although equipment like automatic fire suppression systems might seem like a waste as none of us anticipate a fire, there’s always that possibility. Fire suppression systems give you extra peace of mind that your kitchen will be safe. And during the midst of a kitchen fire, you’ll be glad your fire suppression system is in working order thanks to its regular care and maintenance.

Locations We Serve

Are you in need of a fire suppression system inspection?

At Flue Steam, Inc., we have been serving all of Southern California since 1971. This includes Fullerton, Los Angeles, Irvine, Pasadena, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westminster, Ventura, Woodland Hills, Pomona, Oxnard, and much more.

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Schedule an Inspection Today!

When was the last time you got your automatic fire suppression system inspected and maintained by a professional? If it’s been six months or longer, it’s time to call us out. If necessary, we provide 24-hour emergency service for your automatic fire suppression system. The longer you wait to schedule an inspection, the more you gamble the safety of your kitchen.

Even if you don’t have a fire suppression system installed in your commercial kitchen just yet, our team will be honored to help select a fire suppression system and do the installation for you.

Give us a call today at 800-700-FLUE to set up an automatic fire suppression system inspection or installation appointment in Southern California!

Southern California Swamp Cooler Technician

July 22, 2019

Southern California Swamp Cooler Technician

Your home’s swamp cooler plays a pivotal role, especially in the heat of the summer. This device creates cool air by running hot air from the outdoors through wet pads within your unit and then blowing that cooled air throughout the vents of your home or business.

However, just like an air conditioner, a swamp cooler can come across problems of its own. While they seldom suffer from technical difficulties, there’s always that chance that your evaporative cooler will need to be maintained or repaired to function properly over the years.

Common Swamp Cooler Problems

Regardless of the age of your cooler, there’s always a chance it may experience problems. Some of these issues include the following:

  • Poor airflow

If your unit is still delivering cold air but isn’t churning out enough air, it may need a new exhaust. As for exhaust-free models, attempt to open windows and doors to see if the airflow from your swamp cooler improves.

  • Lack of cold air

Although evaporative coolers are designed to deliver cold air to your home, there may come a time where it may completely fail to do so. It’s possible that your cooler’s cooling pads are dry and just need to be wettened. However, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, a swamp cooler technician should be called to the site of your malfunctioning unit.

  • Strange odors

Nobody wants a strong stench filling their home or business! If this odd odor is coming from your swamp cooler unit, old water buildup or mildew accumulated on your unit’s cooling pads may be to blame. Issues like this can be resolved with regular preventative swamp cooler maintenance from a qualified technician.

  • Water pooling underneath unit

If you find water pooling from under your evaporative cooler, there’s a good chance that you didn’t properly store your unit in the winter. One culprit might be that you didn’t drain your cooler and/or remove the cooling pads prior to storage. Regardless of the reason, calling a professional out can help you resolve the issue at hand.

  • Inability to turn on

Your cooler might work perfectly one day, and then out of the blue one day, may no longer turn on. No matter how much you smack or kick the unit will not help – nor do we recommend doing so. If your swamp cooler refuses to turn on, there may be something wrong with the electrical component of your unit, like your breaker or fuse. In that case, a swamp cooler technician should be the first person you ask for help.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance and Repair in Southern California

Are you experiencing any of the latter swamp cooler problems? Is your swamp cooler older in age and in need of preventative maintenance to ensure it continues to function well for as long as possible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, put your trust in Flue Steam, Inc. to provide the swamp cooler maintenance or repair your Southern California home or business needs. Our technicians can also install and replace swamp coolers.

For all your swamp cooler needs, call us today at 800-700-FLUE to set up service with us.

Commercial Grease Filter Exchange in Culver City, CA

July 11, 2019

Commercial Grease Filter Exchange in Culver City, CA

The grease filters apart of your kitchen exhaust help eliminate the harmful, vaporized grease that accumulates within your system’s ducts. By removing pesky particles of cooking grease from your exhaust, grease filters play a vital role in the safety of your kitchen and its inhabitants. In turn, grease filters alone can play an immense role in keeping your restaurant’s kitchen functional, reliable, and secure.

To ensure your kitchen remains safe over the years, it’s important to clean or replace your grease filters approximately every two to four weeks depending on how often you cook. Without regularly replacing the filters of your kitchen exhaust, trouble could certainly arise.

Why Clean Grease Filters are Crucial

The accumulation of oil and grease is one of the most dangerous aspects a kitchen could have. Buildup can lead to expensive plumbing problems, environmental risks, an increased risk of slip and fall injuries, and pest infestations. Just breathing in grease particles in the air could be hazardous to the health of your kitchen staff. These issues alone are enough to get a business in the food industry fined or even permanently shut down.

If worse comes to worst, your kitchen could experience a flash fire, damaging your precious property in the process and potentially harming anyone within the vicinity of the flames. This is one of the biggest risks of failing to upkeep the maintenance of your kitchen exhaust.

So, not only might you have a massive mess to clean up, possibly thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and/or property to fix or replace, and a financially struggling business but may also have greater tragedy to deal with. The effects of such a trauma could financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically strain you and your business for quite some time – even though something like this is evitable.

Culver City Grease Filter Exchange

Here at Flue Steam, Inc., we want your restaurant kitchen to remain safe and sound. This is why our company offers speedy grease filter exchange services, delivered by a team of knowledgeable kitchen exhaust experts.

For your convenience, we offer a majority of grease filter sizes from Kason and Flame Gard, which we always have available in bulk. Buying our filters in bulk for our clients not only means we benefit from savings but that we can deliver lower costs to you in return.

For regular grease filter exchange in Culver City, CA, contact us at 800-700-FLUE to get started on your initial appointment. Our team will also gladly let you know how often you personally require grease filter replacement for optimal commercial kitchen safety.

24 Hour Kitchen Exhaust Emergency Service in Los Angeles County

June 17, 2019

24 Hour Kitchen Exhaust Emergency Service in Los Angeles County

Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t just for show; these special fans play a prominent role in kitchens big and small. Your exhaust or flue system helps dispel kitchen odors, fumes, humidity and heat, smoke, and gas – all the yuck and gunk you wouldn’t want your kitchen to trap in.

In turn, a kitchen exhaust can make your kitchen a more tolerable and safer environment to work in, in terms of providing better quality air to breathe, less grease and ventilation buildup that may otherwise trigger slips and falls, and a slimmer risk of a flash fire. Likewise, a properly functioning exhaust can eliminate smoke and steam that may eventually damage the walls and windows of your kitchen.

As you might guess based on the latter information, having a broken or malfunctioning kitchen flue is not good news. The good news, however, is that Flue Steam Inc. in the Los Angeles County area provides 24/7 emergency kitchen exhaust repair at your convenience.

What We Service 24/7

Flue Steam Inc. has over 40-plus years of experience offering kitchen air control and fire prevention services. Our licensed technicians are qualified to deliver fast emergency service at your commercial kitchen’s demand.

From automatic fire suppression systems to automatic gas shutoff values, our experienced team can repair it as soon as possible 24 hours around the clock. We also have expertise in repairing exhaust fan bearings, pulleys, motors, and belts as well as swamp cooler pumps, float values, pads, motors, and belts.

While we do not anticipate that you require a need for emergency repair, our team will be happy to aid you in your time of crisis to ensure your commercial kitchen can continue to run smoothly and safely without the risk for a more costly and dangerous emergency in the near future.

Schedule an Emergency Exhaust Repair Today!

Especially for owners of commercial kitchens, having a kitchen exhaust system repaired as soon as possible is important. Leaving your kitchen exhaust broken just a little bit longer is gambling, putting your employees, yourself, your customers, your commercial kitchen and entire building, and your business at risk. For that reason, dealing with a flue emergency is no joke.

Apart from dealing with flue emergencies in a timely manner, it is also your responsibility to have regular kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance performed to not only keep your flue in top-notch condition for years to come but to also potentially prevent future kitchen exhaust emergencies.

Whether you require an emergency exhaust repair or would like to schedule flue cleaning service, contact us today at 800-700-FLUE. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Gymkhana fire: Restaurant shut down by multi-storey blaze

June 11, 2019

Some 60 crew members from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) were forced to respond after a blaze tore through Michelin-starred Indian fine dining restaurant Gymkhana.

Gymkhana fire: Restaurant shut down by multi-storey blazeFootage from the scene showed smoke pouring from the building on Albemarle Street. A spokesperson for JKS Restaurants, which owns the site, confirmed nobody was harmed in the incident and the fire was extinguished three hours after it was reported.

While the incident was ongoing a London Fire Brigade (LFB) spokesperson said that “part of the ground floor restaurant and part of the ducting – the ventilation system – from ground floor to roof level” had been “alight.” It later confirmed that half of the ground-floor restaurant was damaged by the fire.

The restaurant is now temporarily closed and will not accept bookings for the time being.

A spokesperson for JKS said: “At this stage, the cause of the fire is not yet known, however we would like to reassure the public that all staff and diners are safe. We are working with the London Fire Department to minimise all damage and prioritise the safety of the public and the surrounding area.

“At this time, we would like to thank the public and the London Fire Departments for their support and cooperation during this series of events.

“Currently, Gymkhana is not taking further reservations and all existing bookings are being retrospectively rescheduled and re-booked at other JKS Restaurants and partner venues to minimise further disruption.”

The interior of the site has become as notable as its cuisine, with the Hardens London restaurant guide 2019 giving praise for its “sophisticated interior design” and “old-style colonial cuisine”. The Michelin guide 2019 also noted its “interior… full of wonderful detail and plenty of wry touches”.

The site is one of several operated by JKS Restaurants, owned by siblings Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi. The other restaurants within the group include including Lyle’s (one Michelin star), Sabor (one Michelin star), Kitchen Table (two Michelin stars), Bubbledogs, Bao, Xu and Berenjak.