Learn the Ways We Can Make Your Commercial Kitchen Safer for Your Staff

October 26, 2022
Learn the Ways We Can Make Your Commercial Kitchen Safer for Your Staff

Commercial kitchens can be dangerous, as is well known. There are so many people working at once, along with the dangers of boiling oil and sharp blades. Serious mishaps can occur if you’re not careful. However, there are practical measures to guard against mishaps and guarantee that nobody gets wounded while working in your commercial kitchen.

We can help you keep your kitchen safer

Working with Flue Steam is one approach to make your commercial kitchen safer. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and safety of commercial kitchens for cooking. To accomplish this significant objective, we provide a range of services to commercial kitchens, including:

Comprehensive cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems (including hand scraping and steam cleaning of fans, hoods, and ducts)

  • Services for changing grease filters
  • Upkeep of exhaust fans
  • Service for automatic fire suppression systems
  • Sales and service of portable fire extinguishers

Today, schedule services for cleaning exhaust systems

One of the most important things you must take to ensure that your commercial kitchen is secure and protected from the possibility of flash fires is to regularly engage the services of a kitchen exhaust system cleaning company. In Southern California, we provide commercial kitchens hand scraping and steam cleaning services.

The best and most economical approach to remove oil buildup from your exhaust system is by hand scraping; steam cleaning, while more expensive, offers a thorough cleaning. We advise companies to sign up for steam cleaning every three months and monthly hand scraping. To create the best cleaning routine to properly safeguard your kitchen, we’ll be pleased to talk about your preferences and the demands of your kitchen. Set up cleaning services for your kitchen exhaust system with Flue Steam by calling us at 800-700-FLUE or sending an email to

Services for changing grease filters

It takes a lot of effort, time, and effort to change the grease filter in your industrial kitchen, and it may be quite nasty. Enroll in Flue Steam‘s grease filter exchange services to save the trouble. At predetermined intervals of your choosing, a qualified technician will bring new, clean filters straight to your place of business.

The expert will replace your old filters with these new ones and remove them for cleaning. This will lower your fire risk and free up your personnel to work on more engaging projects. We advise replacing grease filters in most eateries every two weeks. To begin services right away, just give us a call at 800-700-FLUE or send us an email at

Upkeep of exhaust fans

At Flue Steam, we value your kitchen’s efficiency and safety, so each time one of our technicians visits to clean your exhaust system, they’ll check your exhaust fan. If you have a spare belt in case your worn-out ones break, our specialist would happily install it for you at no extra cost.

Sales and servicing for portable fire extinguishers and automatic fire suppression systems

We also provide sales and maintenance for portable fire extinguishers across Southern California because avoiding fires in commercial kitchens is one of our main goals. Although we hope you never need them, you must contact Flue Steam by phone or email at to confirm that they are still in good working order.

How to Choose the Right Portable Fire Extinguisher for Your Commercial Kitchen

October 12, 2022
How to Choose the Right Portable Fire Extinguisher for Your Commercial Kitchen

According to fire rules, if you own or run a commercial kitchen, you are required to have portable fire extinguishers in addition to an automated fire suppression system. This makes it more likely that staff members will be able to put out a fire that could start in an area that isn’t covered by the automated fire suppression system. Before selecting items to safeguard your kitchen, take a look at what you need know about portable fire extinguishers. You contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you need help.

Fire extinguisher classifications

It’s crucial to think about the kinds of fires that might develop in your kitchen before you start shopping for fire extinguishers. Depending on the materials being burnt, fires are categorized into the following groups:

  • Class A: Natural materials such as wood, cloth, paper, and many types of polymers
  • Class B: Flammable liquids such as lacquers, tars, petroleum greases, solvents, and so on.
  • Class C: Energized electrical equipment
  • Class K: Flammable cooking ingredients, such as fats and oils

Two types of frequently used portable fire extinguishers

Depending on the sort of fire they are intended to put out, several portable fire extinguisher models employ various extinguishing ingredients. For instance:

A decent all-purpose fire extinguisher for use in the home or business is an ABC Fire Extinguisher. They employ mono ammonium phosphate, a chemical, to put out Class A, B, and C flames. Because of its corrosive nature, this chemical must be rapidly cleaned up after usage.

Grease fires in industrial kitchens may be put out with Class K fire extinguishers. To stop oil from splashing and causing the fire to spread, they spritz the flames with potassium acetate and potassium citrate rather than stream it. The chemical will aid in preventing the fire from re-igniting as it adheres to the cooking utensils.

UL Ratings UL tests portable fire extinguishers and assigns ratings that represent the efficacy of the device. The extinguisher’s performance in putting out a fire in comparison to 1.25 liters of water is always shown by the first number in the rating.

For instance, a product with a rating of 2A:K would be twice as effective on a Class K fire as 1.25 liters of water (or as effective as 2.5 gallons). You can also discover a second number on ABC extinguishers that indicates the maximum square footage it can handle. For instance, a 4A:80B:C extinguisher would cover 80 square feet and hold the equivalent of 5 gallons of water.

Comparing rechargeable versus non-rechargeable

Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions of the majority of portable fire extinguisher types are available. Rechargeable extinguishers are strongly recommended for commercial kitchens by Flue Steam. Although this kind of portable fire extinguisher is more expensive initially, it offers a superior long-term value since it may be replenished after each use rather than being thrown away.

You Have Found the Best Spot for Emergency Exhaust Cleaning Services in Southern California

September 22, 2022
You Have Found the Best Spot for Emergency Exhaust Cleaning Services in Southern California

Has your kitchen exhaust system not been cleaned in three or more months? Have you used your commercial kitchen more frequently lately? Have you noticed any recent strong or strange smells in your kitchen? Does it feel like the air quality in your kitchen is becoming worse? Do you notice that the kitchen seems a little bit greasier than usual? It seems possible that it’s time to carry out your quarterly exhaust cleaning.

No worries, this type of servicing is necessary for every kitchen with an exhaust system. If you already know this, you undoubtedly want to know where to get a reliable, high-caliber, professional kitchen flue-cleaning firm to assist you in maintaining your exhaust system. Believe us when we tell that you may rely on our ideal group of pros. Read on to learn more about emergency exhaust cleaning service and contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE for more info.

We are the best in the business

We take delight in making sure your exhaust system is in pristine condition. Additionally, we’ll include a complimentary exhaust fan inspection with every visit. As part of that servicing, our staff will lubricate your fan’s bearings and/or change any worn-out belts that are required. You may benefit from an exhaust system that has the maximum lifespan in this way.

The benefits of professional exhaust cleaning services

Why do I need a professional to clean my exhaust system, you might wonder. Is it actually that important? Yes, that is a significant issue. The kitchen exhaust system is essential for removing fumes, airborne grease, heat, steam, and other contaminants that may otherwise start a flash fire or cause health issues for your staff.

You can be confident that services will be performed correctly if you choose to get your exhaust cleaned professionally. At Flue Steam, Inc., our staff cleans your exhaust system as quickly as possible without skimping or using any tricks. We like to worry steadily and finish our task in a reasonable amount of time. However, we won’t hurry your service because excellence comes with time.

Call us at 800-700-FLUE if you’re interested in having your exhaust system cleaned soon. Additionally, we can come out as soon as today if you also require a repair.

Anyone Who Manages a Commercial School Kitchen Needs to Read This Now!

September 9, 2022
Anyone Who Manages a Commercial School Kitchen Needs to Read This Now!

Do you oversee a cafeteria at a school? You might not be maintaining the exhaust system as thoroughly as you should be because there is always so much to do to keep it operating effectively. It’s crucial to keep your exhaust system clean since accumulated grease may quickly catch fire and start a flash fire.

For your culinary staff, the students at your school, the administration, and the teachers, this may be quite risky. Additionally, it could harm your commercial kitchen in an expensive way. Enlist Flue Steam‘s comprehensive exhaust system cleaning services to keep flash fires from ever happening in the commercial kitchen at your school.

It’s crucial to maintain your exhaust system

Every day, the exhaust system in your kitchen is crucial. Cooking by your crew clears the kitchen of hot air and smells. However, its primary function is to properly remove vaporized fat, a normal consequence of cooking. Your exhaust system won’t function correctly if it isn’t kept clean. An unsafe flash fire might start inside the exhaust ducts when too much grease accumulates in your exhaust system.

The care of your kitchen will be excellent

You may have peace of mind knowing that Flue Steam will take good care of your business kitchen. With more than 51 years of experience in the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry, we are well-versed in the best practices for removing grease buildup from every square inch of your exhaust system.

If you contract with Flue Steam for regular cleaning visits, you won’t need to be concerned about a flash fire happening in the kitchen of your school. You may schedule the initial cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system by calling 800-700-FLUE. We’ll be pleased to arrange it for a time and date that work best for your hectic schedule.

Regarding steam cleaning

We employ the steam cleaning technique to thoroughly clean exhaust systems, which uses hot, high-pressure water to remove oil from the exhaust hood, drip cups, and exhaust fans. We advise steam cleaning all school commercial kitchen exhaust systems two to four times annually. Call 800-700-FLUE to request steam cleaning services for your school’s commercial kitchen exhaust system from Flue Steam right now.

Cleaning services that adhere to fire codes

Our professionals issue “Certificate of Performance” stickers as a result of every steam cleaning service as evidence that you have successfully complied with the NFPA code requirements by having your exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis. Our stickers satisfy code enforcers and can even enable your school to receive a discount on its insurance premium.

Turn to Us When You Need the Best Automatic Fire Suppression System for Your Southern California Commercial Kitchen

August 24, 2022
Turn to Us When You Need the Best Automatic Fire Suppression System for Your Southern California Commercial Kitchen

Since the company’s founding in 1971, Flue Steam has been providing commercial kitchen air management and fire prevention services that are well-known throughout Southern California. Flue Steam has served the air control and fire prevention demands of numerous Southern California commercial kitchen managers for many years.

Read on for more information and then contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE for help.

These systems are crucial for commercial kitchens to have

An automatic fire suppression system is one of the most crucial components that every commercial kitchen must have. Every business kitchen in California is required by law to have one that operates efficiently and continuously. To maintain the security of your commercial kitchen’s personnel, diners, and everyone else nearby, this is highly vital.

Like any safety feature, though, it only functions well if you take adequate care of it. If automatic fire suppression systems aren’t maintained properly, they are worthless.

You can trust us for the best results with your system

Our goal at Flue Steam is to always maintain the highest level of safety in industrial kitchens. We provide a wide selection of fire protection and air control equipment and services for commercial kitchens because of this, including everything you need to install and maintain your automatic fire suppression system.

Sales, installation, maintenance, and repair of automatic fire suppression systems are all provided by Flue Steam. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best automatic fire suppression system for your particular requirements. After that, we’ll help you install it properly for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, we’ll perform routine planned maintenance to keep your system in top shape.

For any commercial kitchen, the ideal situation is that the automated fire suppression system never needs to be used. The ideal result would be that. Ideally, your commercial kitchen’s automated fire suppression system will function flawlessly for years without ever having to put out a fire.

The unexpected does, however, happen, as anybody who has worked in or around a commercial kitchen knows, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst case situation.

The operation of an automatic fire suppression system

When the sensor senses a specific preset temperature, typically 450 degrees, the automated fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen will turn on in the event of a fire. The system then extinguishes any fires on your appliance and in the plenum by releasing an extinguishing chemical.

The automated shut-off valve turns off your gas supply at that precise moment, significantly lowering the possibility of accidents and significant harm to your kitchen. Commercial kitchens require fire suppression systems primarily for their automatic nature, though all systems also have a manual pull trigger.

There’s no need to act alone

Never attempt to choose, install, or maintain your automated fire suppression system by yourself. Flue Steam will ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency, conforms with all applicable regulations (including the UL 300 standard), and carries out any maintenance procedures that are mandated by law every six months. Let Flue Steam handle your automatic fire suppression system so you can concentrate on other important tasks. You don’t need to deal with it any longer. You’ll be incredibly happy you did.

Reach out to us right now by dialing 800-700-FLUE. We are eager to make your commercial kitchen a more secure and hygienic environment to operate each day.