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Your Restaurant Guide for Proper Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Camarillo CA

July 21, 2020
Your Restaurant Guide for Proper Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Camarillo CA

We’re firm believers that a working kitchen exhaust system in a commercial kitchen is more than necessary. By law, these systems are required in restaurants, but even if they weren’t required, we’d still strongly urge all restaurant owners in the state of California to have one of these systems installed. It truly is one of the best and most logical ways to decrease the chances of a fire occurring within your kitchen due to the buildup of grease and other post-cooking debris after all.

Not only is it important to have a kitchen exhaust system installed, but it’s also imperative that this system is regularly cleaned to ensure top-notch performance.

How Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Works

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning can be executed either through hand scraping grease deposits once a month or by using the power of steam to more thoroughly remove grease buildup. The latter service, due to its greater efficiently, only has to be done two to four times a year versus on a monthly basis like its hand-cleaning counterpart.

Ultimately, the timeline in which a restaurant needs to have exhaust system cleaning performed and whether the hand-scraping or steam-cleaning method will be most relevant depends primarily on how often a restaurant cooks on the stovetop.

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning can be performed by the restaurant owner themselves or another employee. However, it is most efficiently done when a kitchen flue cleaning pro does the work.

No matter who performs the kitchen exhaust system cleaning, it’s a good idea that in addition to cleaning the system, that the exhaust fan is inspected to ensure the fan is working normally and that any worn-out belts are replaced. Making sure the fan and all its parts are working correctly is part of what keeps your exhaust system cleaner and in proper working order as long as possible.

The Risks of a Filthy Kitchen Exhaust System

A filthy kitchen exhaust system is almost just as bad as not having an exhaust system at all. If your unit isn’t as clean as a whistle, it will be hard to maintain a safe, grease-free commercial kitchen. As a result, your unit will struggle to filter impurities in the air and get rid of grease and fats in your kitchen that can otherwise ignite a kitchen fire.

The best way to avoid such a tragedy, as well as to avoid a hot, steamy, smelly, hard-to-breathe environment, is to keep your exhaust system clean and well-maintained. It’s relatively simple, and it can keep everyone safe in the process!

Get Quality Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Camarillo CA with Flue Steam Inc.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be left with the duty of cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system on your own. Not everyone has time or the knowledge to tend to such a task. But the team at Flue Steam Inc. does!

That’s right – call Flue Steam Inc. at 800-700-FLUE to set up a kitchen exhaust system cleaning/maintenance appointment in Camarillo, CA today.

How Vital are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles CA Restaurants?

July 8, 2020
How Vital are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles CA Restaurants?

There are a lot of things that are important for restaurant owners to do. Some of these things include but are not limited to getting the proper business licensure, remembering to file sales tax on time, ensuring all ingredients are in stock, following all necessary cleaning and sanitization standards, need we say more? There’s a good chance if you’re reading this right now, you’re a restaurant owner yourself and already understand the rundown of things.

However, one thing that many restaurant owners, especially newer ones, fail to realize the importance of in a restaurant setting is an automatic fire suppression system.

A Working Automatic Fire Suppression System Can Ultimately Save Your Restaurant.

You might be curious why automatic fire suppression systems are important. The answer is pretty clear: without a functioning fire suppression system, very serious and often permanent damage can occur within your restaurant if a flash fire were to erupt. In turn, appliances, cooking equipment and utensils, dry storage, and more could all be disintegrated, unusable, and require immediate replacement, which could most definitely hurt your pocket.

Having an automatic fire suppression system is great in that, hence its name, automatically senses and suppresses a fire if it were to occur within your commercial restaurant. Sure, it costs money to get an automatic fire suppression system, let alone, maintain it.

But in the long run, a fire suppression system can potentially save your business thousands and thousands of dollars as it has the power to stop a fire in its tracks as much as possible and, thus, saving you from worse fire damage – or possibly even fire damage at all. And best of all, no human has to be present or even be aware of the kitchen fire to ensure the suppression system kicks in and does its thing.

By Code, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are Required in California Eateries.

Not only are automatic fire suppression systems an integral component of a California restaurant, but they are required by law. Yes, you read that correctly. Without one, you may face a fine or other penalty that could potentially hurt your business.

So, really, getting an automatic fire suppression system installed is ultimately the best thing a restaurant owner can do if they don’t already have one. Or if they already have one, to ensure it’s maintained well over the years.

Allow Flue Steam Inc. to Verify Your Automatic Fire Suppression System is Up to Code!

It’s scary to think that a system as important as automatic fire suppression could potentially not be up to code. Even if it has been properly installed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the system will be in working order. Therefore, it’s important to verify that your system follows all relevant regulations.

One of the easiest ways to confirm the legality of your commercial kitchen automatic fire suppression system in the Southern California area is to get an appointment with Flue Steam Inc.

Call us today for automatic fire suppression system maintenance at 800-700-FLUE!

Why You Shouldn’t Perform Kitchen Flue Maintenance and Cleaning for Your Lakewood CA Business on Your Own

June 23, 2020
Why You Shouldn't Perform Kitchen Flue Maintenance and Cleaning for Your Lakewood CA Business on Your Own

Restaurant owners do a lot of things on their own. Cleaning and sanitizing all work surfaces and equipment, creating menu items, marketing their business and managing social media pages, keeping track of finances, managing payroll for employees – you name it, many of them do it without help or at least very little help.

Of course, another thing on a restaurant owner’s plate is ensuring their kitchen flue system is well-maintained and clean at all times. This, again, might be something many owners wish to do on their own as a way to save money.

Many Things Can Go Wrong if Your Flue Isn’t Properly Cleaned

While there’s no doubt in our mind that anyone can eventually learn how to clean and maintain a kitchen flue system correctly, it is something that, like everything else, can be done wrong. But it isn’t until the consequences arise that you’ll realize that the maintenance and cleaning were done incorrectly.

When a non-professional with little to no experience goes to tend to their kitchen flue system, cleaning can most definitely be done incorrectly, and they may not see the signs that it’s time to replace vital components of their system. In turn, they may be setting themselves up for a flash fire or equipment failure, that is, if their system isn’t adequately cared for.

Tending to Your Kitchen Flue on Your Own is a Thing of the Past

Luckily, there is no requirement for you to maintain and clean your flue on your own. Restaurant owners are very busy people. It isn’t fair for them to have to attempt to deal with this issue on their own, especially if they feel like they’re having to go into it blindly.

Calling a professional kitchen flue cleaner out might be the greatest thing you do to keep your commercial kitchen running safely and up to code. Not only can they ensure your flue system is properly maintained, but they’ll also let you know if there are any parts, such as filters, that need to be replaced so that everything can work like normal.

Put a Kitchen Flue Pro to Work Today

Flue Steam, Inc. employees have years of experience up their sleeves when it comes to keeping kitchen flue systems in top-notch order. We service many cities in the Southern California area, including Lakewood, CA.

All you have to do to schedule your appointment with us is dial 800-700-FLUE now.

Where Can I Get Emergency Exhaust Cleaning Service in Oxnard CA?

June 11, 2020
Where Can I Get Emergency Exhaust Cleaning Service in Oxnard CA?

Has it been three or more months since you’ve cleaned your kitchen exhaust system? Have you been using your commercial kitchen more than usual? Are you experiencing strong and unusual odors in your kitchen lately? Does the air quality seem to be worsening in your kitchen? Are you noticing things are a little more… greasier in the kitchen than normal? It sounds like it might be time to perform your quarter annual exhaust cleaning.

No worries – every kitchen that has an exhaust system will require a service like this. If you already are aware of this, then you’re probably wondering where you can find a good, quality, professional kitchen flue-cleaning company to help you keep your exhaust system up to par. Trust us when we say we have the perfect team of professionals for you to lean on.

Live in Southern California? Hire Flue Steam, Inc. to Perform Exhaust Cleaning!

Our company, Flue Steam, Inc., can perform an exhaust cleaning in your Oxnard, CA commercial kitchen. We take pride in ensuring your exhaust system is as good as new. And during every visit, we’ll even throw in a free exhaust fan inspection. As part of that service, our team will grease the bearings of your fan and/or replace worn-out belts as needed. This way, you can enjoy an exhaust system with the longest life span possible.

Professional Exhaust Cleaning Service Has Many Benefits

You might think, “Why do I need a professional to clean my exhaust system? Is it really that big of a deal?” It, indeed, is a big deal. The exhaust system of your kitchen plays a critical role in eliminating fumes, airborne grease, heat, steam, and other impurities from your kitchen that could otherwise trigger a flash fire or contribute health problems among your employees.

By choosing to get your exhaust cleaning done professionally, you can rest assured that services will be carried out as they should. At Flue Steam, Inc., our team doesn’t cut corners or have any secrets to get your exhaust system cleaned at the speed of light. We enjoy worrying steadily and getting work done within a convenient timeframe. At the same time, we refuse to rush your service; with time comes quality.

If you’re interested in getting your exhaust system cleaned in Oxnard, CA very soon, you can call us at 800-700-FLUE. And if you happen to need a repair on top of that, we can come out as early as today.

Benefits of Getting Commercial Flue Cleaning Service in Dana Point CA

May 14, 2020
Benefits of Getting Commercial Flue Cleaning Service in Dana Point CA

Your commercial kitchen flue plays a pivotal role in your restaurant, whether you want to believe it does or not. But something you may not know is that having a regularly cleaned kitchen flue is so much more than just allowing you to maintain a cleaner environment. It’s also about ensuring your commercial property is safe to operate and overall hazard-free.

Below are some of many great reasons why you should have your kitchen flue cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.

A Clean Flue Means Your Restaurant Won’t Be Temporarily Shut Down.

The last thing any restaurant wants is to violate health safety or local fire codes. Having an unclean kitchen exhaust system, for instance, might cause a restaurant to face monetary fines or can result in the temporary closure of their business which, of course, can result in even more money loss.

However, when your flue system is regularly maintained and cleaned, you won’t have to worry about these nerve-wracking inconveniences.

Cleaner Indoor Air = Safer Air to Breathe

The buildup of grease and other contaminants is hazardous to health, to say the least. Continuously breathing in such fumes may eventually lead to health complications such as the trigger of allergies or an asthma attack – or worse. This is one good reason why cleaning your commercial kitchen’s flue when necessary is critical as it can lead to safer, cleaner, less odorous air.

You’ll Have Fewer Customer Complaints.

No customer wants to dine or even pick up a takeout order in a smelly, uncomfortable environment. This sort of atmosphere can lead to verbal complaints among customers, negative reviews on public platforms, and/or even stop customers from wanting to come back again.

But with a clean flue system, you can worry less about odd aromas surfacing and aggravating your customers. Working and dining in an environment like this will be so much more relieving.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems Work Better When Clean.

Although it shouldn’t be the main reason that you should opt for commercial flue cleaning service, another great reason to is so that your system will offer greater efficiency and have a longer lifespan. No restaurant owner should want their exhaust system to work poorly and/or need extra maintenance or even replacements over the years. The longer and more efficiently your system is working, the better!

Ready to get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned in Dana Point, CA? Dial 800-700-FLUE to set up your appointment with Flue Steam, Inc.