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A Clean Restaurant Kitchen Flue for the New Year in Ventura CA

December 19, 2020
A Clean Restaurant Kitchen Flue for the New Year in Ventura CA

For the new year, many of us want a fresh, clean slate. This may or may not involve setting new goals, making lifestyle changes, and letting some things go from our past. New year, new us – right? You know the drill by now.

And if you own a commercial restaurant, you know that it’s important for you to do some cleaning up with this too. It might be time for you to get rid of some old menu items that are no longer selling, maybe do a little renovation inside your restaurant, add some new landscaping outside of your restaurant, and so on and so forth. Another thing you should consider doing? Ensuring your commercial kitchen’s flue is nice and clean.

A Fresh Start for Your Commercial Kitchen

A clean kitchen flue in your restaurant’s kitchen signifies a fresh, clean start. Not only is it nice knowing that you have a flue system that isn’t filled with a bunch of munk and gunk, but you can also rest assured that things will be safer when your employees cook in your commercial kitchen.

After all, one of the number one rules of running a commercial kitchen is ensuring exhaust gases and other debris are properly eliminated from your building, that is, if you have a piece of equipment in your kitchen that you use that would require such, such as a stove. Playing it safe is always key. The last thing you would want is to trigger an asthma attack in one of your workers, cause smelly air to surface in your kitchen, or unknowingly ignite a flash fire in your commercial kitchen, which can all potentially occur if you let your kitchen flue stay filthy for too long.

Need a Kitchen Flue Cleaning in Venture CA? Call Flue Steam, Inc. Today!

Every restaurant with a flue will require flue cleaning at some point in time. And if you aren’t sure if now or later is the right time to get that flue cleaned, sometimes it’s better to get it done sooner than later. Now might be the right time to bite the bullet and call out a professional restaurant kitchen flue cleaner to get the job done. Flue Steam, Inc. in Ventura, CA would be more than happy to take on that job!

You can get in touch with Flue Steam, Inc. as soon as possible at 800-700-FLUE to schedule an appointment.

Extra Holiday Business Requires More Frequent Kitchen Exhaust System Cleanings in Mission Viejo CA

December 9, 2020
Extra Holiday Business Requires More Frequent Kitchen Exhaust System Cleanings in Mission Viejo CA

Often times, both retail and restaurant businesses flourish around the holidays. More people are out and about as many people are off from work and school. Therefore, you might definitely get more foot traffic into your business around the holiday season, which for you, might mean more kitchen orders, and in turn, this necessitates that you get your kitchen exhaust system looked at. Why, you may ask? To see if it needs to be serviced. All those extra orders and all that extra kitchen use means more debris and filthy air in your kitchen; therefore, your exhaust system will be under more stress.

If your restaurant’s orders were high this holiday season, it’s a good idea to call out an expert team of professionals who can provide kitchen exhaust system cleaning on your behalf.

A Clean Exhaust System is to be Appreciated

Our advice here at Flue Steam, Inc. is to never take your exhaust system for granted. It’s true that it does a lot of work in your kitchen to keep the air clean and excess grease out of your kitchen area. However, this doesn’t mean that this system can take consistent abuse within a short period of time.

One of the best ways you can ensure your system won’t be too overwhelmed at once is to keep an eye on it, and call out a kitchen exhaust system cleaning specialist if you notice that your system may require maintenance or cleaning to continue to perform optimally. And if you aren’t sure, no worries; someone with experience in kitchen exhaust systems will know if it’s time for service or not – just give them a call.

Get a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Appointment in Mission Viejo CA Soon

When in doubt, call out a professional exhaust system cleaning company. It’s far better to be safe than sorry as letting a dirty kitchen exhaust system as is can lead to danger if it’s left to suffer long enough. That said, it’s imperative to be mindful of the current state of your system.

An expert would be more than happy to help tend to your system to ensure it’s back to where it should be after all that holiday season rush. Holidays or not, your exhaust system relies on you to ensure it’s maintained and cleaned as it’s supposed to.

Call for a service appointment now at 800-700-FLUE if you live in the Mission Viejo, CA area or its surrounding Southern California cities.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Decontamination Service in Dana Point CA

November 21, 2020
Why Your Restaurant Needs Decontamination Service in Dana Point CA

There area a lot of things every restaurant needs: cooking equipment and utensils, cashiers and cooks, and a menu of delectable food and beverage items. But it’s not enough to have everything you need to simply take orders, make food, and leave customers with a full tummy and happy tastebuds. Another vital aspect of the food industry is making sure your restaurant is properly sanitized and kept as clean as possible at all times.

One way to obtain that level of cleanliness is to opt for decontamination service. If you’re not convinced that you need it yet, below are some reasons why you should consider it:

We’re in the Middle of a Pandemic

During any pandemic, sanitization is imperative. Even if customers aren’t dining or even stepping inside your restaurant right now, know that it’s still important that proper sanitization methods are used to clean your store. One of your employees could unknowingly be bringing in the virus, or another virus, which can then spread among employees and then customers and beyond.

Pandemic aside, viral and bacterial illnesses and infections can still be spread in your restaurant through cross-contamination (e.g., an employee touching raw meat and then touching the countertops without sanitizing it afterward). These types of things spread faster and can be way more dangerous than anyone might realize.

It Can Reduce Your Chances of Dealing with Pests

The less cleaned and sanitized your restaurant is, the more likely pests are going to be attracted to the inside of your eatery. But sanitization works by killing bacteria and viruses that may be present in foods like proteins and masking the scent and edibility of any tasty debris left on the surfaces of your restaurant.

Decontamination Service Can Improve Your Health Inspection Score

It’s not a guarantee, but if decontamination and cleanliness are problems at your establishment, getting decontamination service may have a positive impact on your health inspection score. With a more well-contaminated eatery, this means your entire restaurant may not only appear cleaner to the naked eye, but it means there will be fewer pests and less customers getting sick which, in turn, will give you a more positive look in the eye of your county’s health department.

Do you want to keep your restaurant properly sanitized to help impede the spread of COVID-19, eliminate pests, and to potentially boost your restaurant’s health inspection score? You know who you can count on: Flue Steam, Inc. With our new, 5-star decontamination services in Dana Point, CA, you’ll be able to do all the latter plus more!

Dial Flue Steam, Inc. today at 800-700-FLUE.

3 Things Not to Do When Your Have a Kitchen Exhaust System in Your Southern California Kitchen

November 11, 2020
3 Things Not to Do When Your Have a Kitchen Exhaust System in Your Southern California Kitchen

Owning a restaurant in the state of California – or anywhere for that matter – is a lot of work and a big stress in itself. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that there are many things that you have to get done on a regular basis just to keep your restaurant up and running. This includes making sure that your kitchen exhaust system is well cared for.

But instead of telling you how to care for your kitchen exhaust system, we’re going to tell you today what not to do. This includes:

  1. Refrain from Getting Regular Professional Cleanings
  2. Depending on the age of your exhaust system and how often you cook, this can impact how often you should be getting your exhaust system deep-cleaned by a professional. High-volume kitchens may require cleanings once a month to once every four months. Others may need semiannual or annual cleaning. Either way, these cleanings are vital if you wish to maintain a quality exhaust system.
  3. Failure to eyeball your system on a daily basis
  4. As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your exhaust system appears to be in top-notch order at all times. Check your filters or grease extractors. Look into the ductwork of your system. Be on the lookout for debris in the interior after removing the access panels running horizontally from your system’s ductwork. Visually inspect the blades of your exhaust system, when the fan is turned off, for any build-up. At any signs of dust or debris, it’s important to get it cleaned up to prevent further build-up.
  5. Keep Using an Unreliable Exhaust System
  6. One of the biggest mistakes any restaurant owner could make is continuing to take advantage of their kitchen’s exhaust system when it’s already on its last leg or in need of some help. Dirty filters or grease extractors? Grease build-up within your system? Debris encrusted on your exhaust fan? None of this makes your system safe to use. Not only will it your system not work in your favorite, but it can actually pose big problems if it’s continued to be used.

From this post, it’s clear to see that it’s imperative to take good care of your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system. Failure do to so can lead to unfortunate consequences such as a flash fire, a slip and fall injury to one of your employees from grease build-up in your kitchen, or even a penalty such as a fine from an inspector for not adequately cleaning your kitchen exhaust.

One way to make sure your exhaust system won’t fail on you suddenly is to get it regularly cleaned by Flue Steam Inc. in Southern California. Call our team today at 800-700-FLUE for more information.

Order Fire Extinguishers for Your Burbank CA Restaurant Now

September 22, 2020
Order Fire Extinguishers for Your Burbank CA Restaurant Now

When was the last time you verified that the fire extinguishers in your restaurant are up to code? Do you even have fire extinguishers installed at all? And if you already have extinguishers in your place of business, are they well cared for and maintained? Have they recently been inspected and approved for use? Are they old and unable to be used in case of an emergency?

These are all questions you should already have the answers to. However, if you’re uncertain, that’s okay too, but it is critical that you find out those answers soon.

Fire Extinguishers are Required in California Restaurant Kitchens

Why know the answers to these questions? Well, for one, having working fire extinguishers installed in your restaurant is a requirement. Without extinguishers installed – and the right types of extinguishers for that matter – you could get penalized or even possibly shut down. So, clearly, it’s vital to take fire extinguisher installation in your California restaurant very seriously.

Apart from the requirement to have extinguishers installed in your restaurant, these devices are important for the general safety of you, your employees, your customers, and of course, your commercial building. Imagine dealing with a flash fire, only to have no device to help you put out the fire. In such situations, a fire extinguisher can come in handy, and thanks to its ability to quickly put out a fire, it can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and may, in the end, completely save your business.

Contact Flue Steam, Inc. to See Which Extinguishers You Need to Stay Up to Code

Staying up to code and following all laws and requirements for running a restaurant is critical if you wish to stay in business. It’s no different when it comes to having fire extinguishers installed.

If you’re not sure what type of portable fire extinguishers your restaurant needs to be equipped with or if you’re looking for replacement extinguishers, not to worry. Flue Steam, Inc. has a wide supply of extinguishers for sale, and we can absolutely help you find the type that you need to be and stay up to code.

Call Flue Steam Inc. today at 800-700-FLUE for more information on portable fire extinguishers in a restaurant setting. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have and introduce you to some of the greatest portable fire extinguishers on the market.