Learn About Our Restaurant Decontamination Services and How We Can Help You Today

January 8, 2022
Learn About Our Restaurant Decontamination Services and How We Can Help You Today

Restaurants, as we all know, are considered crucial during a pandemic. Restaurants can, of course, stay open and serve customers if they choose to; but, indoor dine-in seating has been prohibited on and off in many California counties. Restaurants should strive for top-notch sterility and cleanliness during these uncertain times, regardless of whether indoor dining is available or whether customers are permitted inside at all for any reason.

Restaurants could consider acquiring expert decontamination service from Flue Steam, in addition to following to a rigorous and regular cleaning plan, to truly up their sterilization game.

What is involved in professional decontamination?

Flue Steam employs an EPA-registered solution capable of destroying viruses and bacteria, including Mycobacterium TB, the agent that causes tuberculosis, to complete decontamination services. In addition, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), HEP-C, HIV, SARS, PED Coronavirus, and MRSA may all be killed with our disinfectant.

Why should you use the Flue Steam Decontamination Service?

With the current widespread threat of COVID-19, as well as the constant threat of any form of bacterium or virus circulating the air, staying on various surfaces, or residing on or in a person at any given time, professional decontamination is always a good idea. You can keep your customers and staff safer and maybe healthier in the long term if you do it this way.

You can never be too careful, but if your business building’s sterilization game isn’t up to par, you’ll be sorry. People who come to your restaurant or work there rely on you to keep the environment sterile and clean.

Regardless of the presence of the Coronavirus, maintaining a clean and decontaminated restaurant is essential for preventing cross-contamination, infection, and general pollution. The cleaner your restaurant is, the more certain you can be that it will pass health inspections and be a safe and healthy environment to work in.

For an appointment call us right now

There are only positive aspects to decontamination services. It’s quick, it’s effective, and it’s well worth the money! And it’s more important now than it’s ever been.

It won’t take long, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, we guarantee. All you have to do now is call Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE to get started with decontamination services. We’d be delighted to provide you with additional information about our services and how they can be of use to you.

We Provide the Best Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Southern California

December 27, 2021
We Provide the Best Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Southern California

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you know how stuffy, hot, and smokey these environments can get. You’re probably also aware of the risks that a poorly ventilated kitchen poses to both the safety of your kitchen and the safety of your staff. That is why kitchen exhaust systems were created: to make working environments in kitchens healthier and more comfortable.

Although you may already realize the importance of having a kitchen flue, you may not realize how crucial it is to get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. If that’s the case, we’ll be the first to let you know! Keep reading to learn some of the biggest advantages of professional exhaust system cleaning from Flue Steam and then contact us at 800-700-FLUE for help.

Heat and stink may be removed from your kitchen

Your business kitchen will be more comfortable for your personnel to work in once the hot air and cooking-related odors have been removed. Furthermore, your consumers will not be exposed to these unpleasant circumstances.

A flash fire can be avoided if you take the following precautions

A properly cleaned kitchen flue aids in the removal of combustible residues such as grease that accumulate during the cooking process. Grease accumulation in the kitchen may easily result in a flash fire.

Enhanced environmental protection

Grease that builds up in your kitchen has the potential to pollute the environment. However, by correctly removing these greases using a kitchen exhaust, you may considerably reduce the environmental impact that these toxins do.

Savings on energy

Kitchen exhausts that are clean have better airflow, which means they are more energy efficient. As a consequence, you’ll be able to rejoice in cheaper energy expenditures.

Improved air quality

Always put safety first. Keeping your kitchen exhaust clean means it may remove toxins from the air that could otherwise cause health issues for individuals who live near your kitchen.

Why are we the best candidates for the job?

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen flue, you don’t want to hire just anybody; you want someone who is qualified and competent. Our specialists at Flue Steam are not only licensed, but also the finest in the industry. Unlike some experts, ours doesn’t just focus on cleaning the hood range in your kitchen, but also on cleaning every nook and cranny of your exhaust system.

We provide additional services in addition to a comprehensive kitchen flue cleaning. Our crew performs an exhaust fan examination as part of every cleaning session. If, for example, one of your belts is worn out or your fan isn’t operating as it should, you can bet that our experts will be able to address the problem.

Learn About Our Commercial Grease Filter Exchange Program and How It Can Keep Your Kitchen Safer

December 13, 2021
Learn About Our Commercial Grease Filter Exchange Program and How It Can Keep Your Kitchen Safer

The grease filters in your kitchen exhaust system help to remove the hazardous, vaporized grease that builds up in the ducts of your system. Fat filters play an important role in the safety of your kitchen and its residents by eliminating bothersome bits of cooking grease from your exhaust. Grease filters, on the other hand, may play a critical part in keeping your restaurant’s kitchen operational, dependable, and secure.

It’s crucial to clean or replace your grease filters every two to four weeks, depending on how frequently you cook, to keep your kitchen safe over time. Trouble might erupt if your kitchen exhaust filters are not replaced on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn how Flue Steam can help and then contact us at 800-700-FLUE for more information on our grease filter exchange program.

Why are clean grease filters so important?

One of the most harmful parts of a kitchen is the collection of oil and grease. Buildup may cause costly plumbing issues, environmental hazards, a higher chance of slip and fall injuries, and bug infestations. The health of your kitchen employees might be jeopardized just by breathing in grease particles in the air. These concerns alone are enough to get a food-related firm punished or possibly shut down permanently.

If the worst happens, your kitchen might catch fire, destroying your valuable stuff and perhaps hurting anybody who is in the area of the flames. This is one of the most serious consequences of neglecting to maintain your kitchen exhaust system.

So, in addition to a large mess to clean up, perhaps thousands of dollars in equipment and/or property to repair or replace, and a financially suffering firm, you may also be dealing with a deeper tragedy. Even if something like this is unavoidable, the repercussions of such a catastrophe might financially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically affect you and your business for a long time.

Our grease filter exchange program

We at Flue Steam want to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is safe and secure. This is why our firm provides quick grease filter swap services, which are provided by a team of experienced kitchen exhaust specialists.

We provide a variety of grease filter sizes from Kason and Flame Gard, which we always have in stock in quantity, for your convenience. Purchasing our filters in bulk for our clients not only saves us money, but it also allows us to pass those savings on to you.

Contact us at 800-700-FLUE to schedule your first grease filter exchange. For maximum commercial kitchen safety, our experts can gladly tell you how often your grease filter has to be replaced.

Learn What to Expect When You Call Us for Emergency Services

November 24, 2021
Learn What to Expect When You Call Us for Emergency Services

Everyone who owns or maintains a business kitchen in Southern California should take advantage of our exhaust system cleaning services. Monthly hand scraping, along with quarterly steam cleaning, can prevent harmful grease from accumulating in your industrial kitchen’s exhaust system, which might result in a flash fire. It’s not only a good idea, but it’s also required by California law to keep your exhaust system clean and grease-free in all locations.

Services that are included

When you hire us to clean your exhaust system, we’ll make sure it’s drawing correctly so it can stay clean for as long as possible. Every cleaning service will include an exhaust fan examination as part of this endeavor. We’ll inspect the belts and other components, as well as lubricate the fan bearings. If your belts are worn out and you have a replacement on hand, we’ll even install it for you at no additional fee. This is just one approach to ensure that your commercial kitchen exhaust system runs as effectively as possible once you and your team begin cooking.

There is assistance available 24/7

Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t simply for aesthetic purposes in commercial kitchens; they’re also necessary by law. Operating a commercial kitchen without a functional exhaust system, including all essential fans, is extremely dangerous — not to mention unlawful. We offer emergency services across Southern California, including the repair of the following items:

  • Motors, bearings, pulleys, and belts for exhaust fans
  • Motors, belts, pads, pumps, and float valves for swamp coolers
  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • Gas shutdown valves that operate automatically

If an emergency scenario happens in your commercial kitchen, you may phone us at 800-700-FLUE and we’ll be there straight away to help you. The condition of your industrial kitchen exhaust system, automated fire suppression system, and swamp cooler is directly related to the safety of your commercial kitchen.

Prevent the occurrence of an emergency scenario

We hope you never have an emergency in your commercial kitchen, but if you do, you can count on Flue Steam to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. For the time being, there are proactive activities you may take to avoid an emergency scenario. Invest in equipment checkups and cleanings on a regular basis. At no extra charge, we’ll oil your fan bearings, check the belts, and replace old belts with new, customer-supplied belts during every Flue Steam inspection and cleaning.

We recommend scheduling your exhaust system cleaning one week ahead of time, but we can clean your exhaust system at any time that is most suitable for your busy schedule. Sign up for our outstanding services to enhance the safety, air quality, and energy efficiency of your commercial kitchen. Call 800-700-FLUE to start your collaboration with Flue Steam now.

The Key to Preventing Grease Fires is to Prevent Grease Buildup – We Can Help

November 10, 2021
The Key to Preventing Grease Fires is to Prevent Grease Buildup – We Can Help

When we need to lubricate machinery or a vehicle’s brake pads for maximum performance, grease might be regarded beneficial. When we need to waterproof and protect a pair of shoes, the correct grease or lubricant may also help with a blocked or noisy door.

However, we perceive grease to be negative when we come into touch with greasy skin, oily hair, or greasy food. And if you own a commercial kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter, allowing oil to accumulate in your space not only makes it smell bad, but it also puts you in risk.

Because grease is thick and viscous, it’s only natural to assume that allowing it to accumulate in your business kitchen might result in injuries among people who use it. Allowing grease and moisture to accumulate in your kitchen can also lead to staff dissatisfaction and potential health issues, equipment damage, extra moisture in the food you serve, bug infestations, and, finally, a grease fire.

The hazards of allowing grease to build up in your kitchen are numerous. Fortunately, you can minimize harmful grease vapors from your commercial area by installing a well-functioning kitchen flue system and taking the proper precautionary steps.

Grease buildup in the kitchen: How to avoid it

Unless you intend on not cooking in your kitchen at all, totally preventing any drip of oil from gathering in your kitchen is difficult. Of fact, that precautionary method would be ineffective in any kitchen. However, grease control, rather than prevention, is what you should be concerned about.

Apart from installing a kitchen exhaust, other ways to prevent grease buildup include properly disposing of excess grease, cleaning the floors and surfaces of your kitchen on a daily basis, soaking and cleaning stove burners frequently, and cleaning your grease trap and kitchen exhaust filters on a regular basis. That’s right, even your kitchen exhaust fan, which removes oil, fumes, heat, and other impurities from your kitchen, requires regular maintenance in order to function correctly and remove grease.

By following the latter steps, you may avoid a potentially disastrous tragedy caused by grease accumulation while also making your kitchen more appealing.

Cleaning and repair of kitchen exhaust systems in Southern California

If cleaning your kitchen flue on a regular basis sounds like a chore, or if you want to be sure that your flue is getting the proper cleaning, you can trust our professionals to give your kitchen exhaust system the thorough cleaning it deserves. Our decades of knowledge will ensure that your kitchen is safer than it has ever been.

Aside from kitchen exhaust cleaning, we also provide emergency kitchen exhaust repair services 24 hours a day to guarantee that your commercial kitchen can work safely and lawfully with a fully functional kitchen flue.

Please contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you have any queries about our flue cleaning services.