Ensuring Compliance in Commercial Kitchens with the Help of Flue Steam

October 26, 2023

As someone who oversees a commercial kitchen, maintaining adherence to federal and state standards is paramount. Overlooking this can result in hefty fines, operational pauses, and potential reputational damage for your establishment.

Breathe easy by aligning with Flue Steam. Contact us ta 800-700-FLUE to learn more about the various services we offer, such as kitchen exhaust cleaning and our grease filter exchange service.

Diligently abiding by NFPA and CMC mandates, Flue Steam not only ensures your kitchen exhaust system is thoroughly cleaned but also validates this with a “Certificate of Performance” sticker. This certification denotes the service date, frequency, and any inaccessible sections within your exhaust system. Keeping this sticker prominently on your hood acts as evidence of meeting regulatory standards.

Embark on a Collaborative Journey

Choosing Flue Steam as your ally means you can focus on core operations, leaving the intricacies of exhaust system maintenance and fire prevention to seasoned experts. Our extensive service repertoire encompasses:

  • Exhaust system purification, leveraging both manual scraping and steam methods
  • Comprehensive cleaning encompassing fans, hoods, ducts, and drip collectors
  • Efficient rotation of grease filters
  • Regular swamp cooler upkeep
  • Maintenance of exhaust fans
  • Automated fire deterrence system solutions
  • Provision and servicing of portable fire extinguishers
  • On-call emergency assistance
  • Value-added complimentary offerings

One of the distinctions of collaborating with Flue Steam is the additional complimentary services during routine cleanings. Every session sees an inspection of your exhaust fan, belts, and related components to ensure they’re operating safely and efficiently. Should any component show wear and if replacements are available, our technicians will seamlessly integrate them, incurring no extra cost. Prioritizing safety, our endeavor is to optimize the exhaust system’s efficiency, ensuring longevity and cleanliness.

Why We Stands Out

Having catered to commercial kitchens across Southern California for over four decades, Flue Steam‘s reputation for reliability and impeccable customer satisfaction stands unparalleled. Our modus operandi is flexible, aiming to tailor our offerings to resonate with your specific kitchen air control and fire prevention requirements. The ultimate goal remains consistent: ensuring compliance with all governmental mandates, curtailing the risk of expensive and hazardous fires, and fostering a safe haven for your staff and patrons daily.

Contact us Now to Get Started

There’s no better time to integrate Flue Steam into your operational framework. Engage in a conversation with us, letting us fathom how best to elevate your commercial kitchen’s safety standards and simplify managerial processes. Connect at 800-700-FLUE to kickstart this partnership.