Back to Basics: These Are the Things You Should Know about Our Grease Filter Exchange Program

April 7, 2022
Back to Basics: These Are the Things You Should Know about Our Grease Filter Exchange Program

If you’ve been running a restaurant for more than a month, you’re well aware that cleaning grease filters is a major pain. With so much on your mind, it might be difficult to remember to clean grease filters on a regular basis. However, it is an important responsibility that must not be overlooked.

Regardless of government rules, filthy grease filters can pose a significant fire risk. Filters that are clean can catch up to 80% of the grease that goes through them, but grease-saturated filters are ineffective. Your complete kitchen system will be inefficient, and a dangerous accumulation of grease will form directly over our cooking appliances. Your entire kitchen might catch fire with just one spark. Keep reading to learn how Flue Steam can help and then call us at 800-700-FLUE for help.

Don’t take any chances

Allow your employees to concentrate on what they do best: creating delicious meals for your customers to enjoy every day. Allow Flue Steam to clean your grease filters for you. Knowing that your grease filters are taken care of without you having to worry about them all of the time will give you incredible peace of mind.

How does a grease filter service operate?

To schedule grease filter cleaning and replacement, call Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE. We’ll talk about your grease filter requirements and draw up a maintenance program for you. A skilled grease filter expert will then deliver sparkling clean filters to your kitchen at the appropriate intervals, just when you need them.


Grease filters in most restaurants acquire a lot of grease, therefore changing them every two weeks is suggested. Filters can be changed every four weeks if your restaurant staff does not use much fat or oil. We can talk to you about your cooking habits and make specific recommendations for maintaining your grease filters.

We bring new filters

Not only can we clean grease filters, but we can also provide replacement filters if necessary. We stock grease filters from Kason and Flame Guard in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, we buy grease filters in bulk, saving you money every time you need one. At regular intervals, our technicians will inspect your current grease filters and let you know if they need to be updated.

We are here to help you

You’ll never have to worry about maintaining your grease filters again with Flue Steam! When you contact Flue Steam today, you may cross one item off your To Do list. We’ve been providing outstanding grease filter service to Southern California restaurants for over 40 years, so you can count on us every time. This service has shown to be extremely beneficial to restaurants across the state, as it dramatically minimizes the risk of exhaust system fires.

Please contact us immediately. You’re in good hands with Flue Steam. To schedule an appointment or receive emergency service, call 800-700-FLUE or email today.