Southern California Swamp Cooler Technician

July 22, 2019

Southern California Swamp Cooler Technician

Your home’s swamp cooler plays a pivotal role, especially in the heat of the summer. This device creates cool air by running hot air from the outdoors through wet pads within your unit and then blowing that cooled air throughout the vents of your home or business.

However, just like an air conditioner, a swamp cooler can come across problems of its own. While they seldom suffer from technical difficulties, there’s always that chance that your evaporative cooler will need to be maintained or repaired to function properly over the years.

Common Swamp Cooler Problems

Regardless of the age of your cooler, there’s always a chance it may experience problems. Some of these issues include the following:

  • Poor airflow

If your unit is still delivering cold air but isn’t churning out enough air, it may need a new exhaust. As for exhaust-free models, attempt to open windows and doors to see if the airflow from your swamp cooler improves.

  • Lack of cold air

Although evaporative coolers are designed to deliver cold air to your home, there may come a time where it may completely fail to do so. It’s possible that your cooler’s cooling pads are dry and just need to be wettened. However, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, a swamp cooler technician should be called to the site of your malfunctioning unit.

  • Strange odors

Nobody wants a strong stench filling their home or business! If this odd odor is coming from your swamp cooler unit, old water buildup or mildew accumulated on your unit’s cooling pads may be to blame. Issues like this can be resolved with regular preventative swamp cooler maintenance from a qualified technician.

  • Water pooling underneath unit

If you find water pooling from under your evaporative cooler, there’s a good chance that you didn’t properly store your unit in the winter. One culprit might be that you didn’t drain your cooler and/or remove the cooling pads prior to storage. Regardless of the reason, calling a professional out can help you resolve the issue at hand.

  • Inability to turn on

Your cooler might work perfectly one day, and then out of the blue one day, may no longer turn on. No matter how much you smack or kick the unit will not help – nor do we recommend doing so. If your swamp cooler refuses to turn on, there may be something wrong with the electrical component of your unit, like your breaker or fuse. In that case, a swamp cooler technician should be the first person you ask for help.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance and Repair in Southern California

Are you experiencing any of the latter swamp cooler problems? Is your swamp cooler older in age and in need of preventative maintenance to ensure it continues to function well for as long as possible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, put your trust in Flue Steam, Inc. to provide the swamp cooler maintenance or repair your Southern California home or business needs. Our technicians can also install and replace swamp coolers.

For all your swamp cooler needs, call us today at 800-700-FLUE to set up service with us.