Commercial Grease Filter Exchange in Culver City, CA

July 11, 2019

Commercial Grease Filter Exchange in Culver City, CA

The grease filters apart of your kitchen exhaust help eliminate the harmful, vaporized grease that accumulates within your system’s ducts. By removing pesky particles of cooking grease from your exhaust, grease filters play a vital role in the safety of your kitchen and its inhabitants. In turn, grease filters alone can play an immense role in keeping your restaurant’s kitchen functional, reliable, and secure.

To ensure your kitchen remains safe over the years, it’s important to clean or replace your grease filters approximately every two to four weeks depending on how often you cook. Without regularly replacing the filters of your kitchen exhaust, trouble could certainly arise.

Why Clean Grease Filters are Crucial

The accumulation of oil and grease is one of the most dangerous aspects a kitchen could have. Buildup can lead to expensive plumbing problems, environmental risks, an increased risk of slip and fall injuries, and pest infestations. Just breathing in grease particles in the air could be hazardous to the health of your kitchen staff. These issues alone are enough to get a business in the food industry fined or even permanently shut down.

If worse comes to worst, your kitchen could experience a flash fire, damaging your precious property in the process and potentially harming anyone within the vicinity of the flames. This is one of the biggest risks of failing to upkeep the maintenance of your kitchen exhaust.

So, not only might you have a massive mess to clean up, possibly thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and/or property to fix or replace, and a financially struggling business but may also have greater tragedy to deal with. The effects of such a trauma could financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically strain you and your business for quite some time – even though something like this is evitable.

Culver City Grease Filter Exchange

Here at Flue Steam, Inc., we want your restaurant kitchen to remain safe and sound. This is why our company offers speedy grease filter exchange services, delivered by a team of knowledgeable kitchen exhaust experts.

For your convenience, we offer a majority of grease filter sizes from Kason and Flame Gard, which we always have available in bulk. Buying our filters in bulk for our clients not only means we benefit from savings but that we can deliver lower costs to you in return.

For regular grease filter exchange in Culver City, CA, contact us at 800-700-FLUE to get started on your initial appointment. Our team will also gladly let you know how often you personally require grease filter replacement for optimal commercial kitchen safety.