Is Your Commercial Kitchen Equipped with an Automated Fire Suppression System?

June 21, 2023

In California, it’s mandated by law that commercial kitchens, such as those in restaurants, are equipped with automated fire suppression systems. This is critical to mitigate the risk of injury to personnel and avoid damage to your costly kitchen equipment. Are you confident that your restaurant kitchen has an effective automated fire suppression system ready to respond in an emergency? If you’re uncertain, now is the opportune time to update your system with Flue Steam.

Understanding the Functioning of Automated Fire Suppression Systems

Automated fire suppression systems work with a temperature sensor. When the air outside the exhaust system’s hood reaches a specific pre-set temperature, typically around 450 degrees, the system gets activated. Once the sensor is triggered, an extinguishing agent is released to smother any flames on your appliances and within the plenum. Simultaneously, an automatic shut-off valve is activated to cut off the gas supply, a crucial step in diminishing the flames. The system’s automated operation is paramount for immediate fire suppression. However, these systems are also fitted with a manual pull trigger as an additional safety measure.

Is Your Automated Fire Suppression System Ready to Take on the Task?

If your automated fire suppression system has seen many years of service or shows signs of wear and tear, it’s an ideal time to consider upgrading to a new one from Flue Steam. Having a well-functioning system is crucial to ensure readiness in case of an emergency. Unexpected events are not uncommon in commercial kitchens, hence it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

When you opt for an automated fire suppression system from Flue Steam, our experts will professionally install it, ensuring compliance with all relevant codes, including the UL 300 standard. Our licensed technicians will not only install your system but also conduct all the required inspections and maintenance every six months as mandated by law.

We Have the Experience You Need

For comprehensive automated fire suppression system services, put your trust in Flue Steam. Our team of specialized technicians have the experience and commitment to cater to your needs diligently. We don’t stop until we’re assured that your commercial kitchen is well protected against fires with an automated fire suppression system that’s flawlessly calibrated and maintained.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Alongside the installation and maintenance services for your automated fire suppression system, we recommend availing of our kitchen exhaust system cleaning services. Our licensed technicians, utilizing hot, high-pressure water, will thoroughly clean your exhaust system, effectively removing any grease deposits that could lead to flash fires. We suggest scheduling these steam cleaning services 2-4 times annually. Post-service, your hood, exhaust ducts, drip cups, and exhaust fans will be in pristine condition. To book your first service, contact us today at 800-700-FLUE.