Learn About the Many Reasons It’s Worth It to Invest in Our Grease Filter Exchange Program

April 27, 2023

Enroll in our grease filter exchange service today to guard your commercial kitchen against risky and expensive flash fires. Because they lessen the amount of vaporized grease that enters your exhaust system ducts, grease filters are a crucial component of your commercial kitchen exhaust system. A flash fire can happen if grease is given too much room to accumulate.

Making sure your grease filters are never saturated with grease is a crucial step in preventing flash fires in your kitchen, in addition to scheduling routine exhaust system cleaning services with Flue Steam. If your filters are clogged with grease, your exhaust system will continue to accumulate grease. As a result, the efficiency of your entire kitchen exhaust system will decrease, and there will be a significant buildup of grease directly above your cooking appliances.

Put your customers and kitchen staff’s safety first by utilizing Flue Steam‘s frequent grease filter exchange services to eliminate any chance of flash fires in your commercial kitchen.

We Can Keep Your Kitchen Safer with Less Work from Your Staff

If you’ve ever tried to change a grease filter yourself, you are aware of how laborious the procedure can be. Let us help you live a simpler life! We provide filter exchange services that are quick, easy, and reasonably priced. Your grease filter won’t need to be maintained any longer.

The scope of our grease filter exchange services

In Southern California, we are pleased to provide full grease filter exchange services for commercial kitchens. Our technician will deliver new, clean filters to your kitchen at predetermined intervals during each grease filter exchange service appointment. The technician will install the new filters for you after removing the old ones for cleaning.

We recommend that most grease filters be updated every 2 weeks. Some restaurants can sometimes get away with waiting to replace their filters every 4 weeks if they don’t use a lot of fat or oil. Call us at 800-700-FLUE, and we’d be pleased to talk about your restaurant and make recommendations regarding how frequently your grease filters should be changed. Feel assured that ensuring the most effective and secure operation of your commercial kitchen is our top focus.

Also, we sell grease filters of the highest quality. We provide most sizes of grease filters from the Kason and Flame Gard brands at competitive prices. We gladly pass on the savings to you because we buy grease filters in bulk.

Additional services we provide

We offer additional services for all of your commercial kitchen air quality management and fire protection needs, including cleaning of all fans, hoods, and ducts in the kitchen exhaust system, including hand scraping and steam cleaning, services for changing grease filters, swamp cooler upkeep, upkeep of exhaust fans, service for automatic fire suppression systems, and sales and service of portable fire extinguishers.

Call Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE to sign up for any or all of our services right away. We look forward to making your kitchen run more smoothly, effectively, and safely.