Everything You Should Look for When Choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company to Work With

December 24, 2022
Everything You Should Look for When Choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company to Work With

A flammable, greasy buildup that accumulates over time in kitchen exhaust systems can be a serious fire threat. You shouldn’t disregard grease buildup in the exhaust system just because you are protected by an automatic fire suppression system. While a fire suppression system discharge may extinguish the flames, it will also halt all kitchen activity, necessitate cleaning and re-inspection, and cost you money.

Regularly paying for kitchen exhaust system cleaning can keep you in line with California fire safety regulations while also assisting you in preventing a fire. Here are a few things to think about when selecting a company to clean your kitchen exhaust system. Contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you have questions.


It’s crucial to have a professional clean your exhaust system. You require a contractor who not only has a high degree of technical proficiency, but also the required state credentials. Flue Steam satisfies both of these conditions. We can give you “Certificate of Performance” stickers that code inspectors and your insurance provider will accept as evidence that you are meeting your cleaning duties.

As an IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association) member, Flue Steam can meet your demand for highly qualified technicians to clean your exhaust system. Our specialists have successfully completed a variety of certification programs offered by IKECA, giving them the knowledge and abilities required to use steam cleaning technology to thoroughly clean your exhaust system.

How efficiently they clean

It goes without saying that you want to know you are getting your money’s worth when you spend money on a kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Choose a contractor who will be eager to provide you with evidence that their service is effective. For instance, a contractor can monitor grease buildup before and after cleaning using a device known as an IKECA Depth Gauge Comb.

Your grease deposits should, in theory, have been at or above the dangerous limit of 0.125″ before cleaning and down to the permitted level of.002″ after cleaning, as shown by the comb. If you work with a contractor who has the necessary tools to conduct these measures, you may determine whether you need to boost the frequency of your cleanings to address a quick grease buildup.

Effectiveness of cleaning

Additionally, you want to guarantee a complete cleaning. Some businesses will only concentrate on the exhaust system hood because grease is most visible there and is also the simplest to remove. Because we use steam cleaning, Flue Steam is able to thoroughly clean your entire system. For the most complete cleaning possible, we will also clean and check roof fans, empty drop cups, and even install additional access panels.