Learn the Truth About How Often Your Commercial Kitchen’s Flue Should Be Cleaned

November 16, 2022
Learn the Truth About How Often Your Commercial Kitchen’s Flue Should Be Cleaned

Did you know that it’s imperative to ensure that the flue in your commercial kitchen is regularly cleaned? It can be exceedingly unsanitary, ineffective, and even dangerous to have a dirty flue or exhaust system in general. This is due to the ease with which accumulated grease can spark a flash fire.

A disastrous flash fire that starts with just one match or one towel that catches fire while cooking can result in injuries, a call to the fire department, a significant disruption of business operations, and the need to repair your expensive commercial kitchen appliances. By using Flue Steam’s commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning services, you can save all of that bother. You’ll yourself a ton of trouble and anxiety!

How often?

You might be wondering how frequently the flue in your business kitchen has to be cleaned to avoid an unsafe situation from developing. We advise signing up for monthly hand scraping services for the majority of commercial kitchens and augmenting that with steam cleaning services 2-4 times per year. All grease deposits in reachable places can be easily and effectively hand scraped away.

Although this approach is excellent, steam cleaning, which uses hot, pressurized water to reach every crevice of your industrial kitchen exhaust system, is more comprehensive. Although steam cleaning costs more and needs more work up front, it produces superior results. The majority of commercial kitchen managers choose hand scraping services on a monthly basis, supplemented 2-4 times a year by steam cleaning services.

How will the flue in my kitchen be accessed?

This is a common query we get from clients who hire us to clean their flues. Our professionals who do flue cleaning will enter your flue through access panels. The exhaust hood is the one that stands out the most, followed by the duct access panels, which will be removed for cleaning and then sealed back in place using a special caulking compound that is fire-rated.

The exhaust fan will then be cleaned after that. It has a hinged base and an additional electrical cable if it was set up in accordance with fire code specifications. Simply turn it over on its side and our professionals will clean it.

Having issues with your access panels?

We would be pleased to install access panels for your flue in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations, and materials according to NFPA 96 and the California Mechanical Code if they are missing or not positioned properly.

Code requirements

When you work with Flue Steam, you won’t have to be concerned about keeping up with code requirements for your exhaust system. A “Certificate of Performance” sticker with the date of service, the frequency of service, and the existence of any inaccessible regions in your system will be applied to your system following each cleaning. We advise preserving this sticker as documentation that you have complied with the code.

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