Does Your Automatic Fire Suppression System Comply with All Applicable Codes?

November 9, 2022
Does Your Automatic Fire Suppression System Comply with All Applicable Codes?

To keep a commercial kitchen as safe as possible, there are numerous crucial components. A kitchen exhaust system, a swamp cooler, and a few other specialized items are not only needed by law to be installed in many kitchens; they also serve as vital safety precautions to help avoid or put out a flash fire in your kitchen. There is always a danger that a fire will start, even though it is not common, especially in a greasy kitchen with gas-powered appliances.

An automatic fire suppression system is another crucial piece of equipment that can assist safeguard your kitchen from a potential fire. Once it detects a specific ambient temperature, these automatic extinguishing devices will put out a fire in your kitchen. Many commercial kitchens in Southern California have seen less severe flash fire damage as a result of this piece of equipment.

However, only having an automatic fire suppression system is insufficient. Making ensuring your system conforms with all laws and rules in the state of California as well as in your county or city is equally crucial. Read on to learn more and then contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you need assistance with an automatic fire suppression system.

Why maintaining compliance is important

Not every regulation will be accepted by everyone. However, observing all the regulations is important for maintaining a commercial kitchen’s functionality. Failure to maintain compliance with your automatic fire-extinguishing system may result in inspection failure and potential fines.

Not to mention, if there is a fire in your commercial kitchen, if your system is out of compliance, it might not work properly. This inability to function may subject you to more severe losses and put you and/or your staff at risk for injury.

We’ll check to see if your automatic fire suppression system is up to code

When it comes to making sure your automatic fire suppression system complies with all standards and requirements, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A large fine, a failed inspection, and a hazardous kitchen are the last things you need!

How can you determine if your automatic fire suppression system complies, though? You may rely on Flue Steam to determine if you’re in compliance! If not, we’ll let you know what has to be done to comply with the regulations and our technicians will be able to determine whether your system does so fast.

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