Anyone Who Manages a Commercial School Kitchen Needs to Read This Now!

September 9, 2022
Anyone Who Manages a Commercial School Kitchen Needs to Read This Now!

Do you oversee a cafeteria at a school? You might not be maintaining the exhaust system as thoroughly as you should be because there is always so much to do to keep it operating effectively. It’s crucial to keep your exhaust system clean since accumulated grease may quickly catch fire and start a flash fire.

For your culinary staff, the students at your school, the administration, and the teachers, this may be quite risky. Additionally, it could harm your commercial kitchen in an expensive way. Enlist Flue Steam‘s comprehensive exhaust system cleaning services to keep flash fires from ever happening in the commercial kitchen at your school.

It’s crucial to maintain your exhaust system

Every day, the exhaust system in your kitchen is crucial. Cooking by your crew clears the kitchen of hot air and smells. However, its primary function is to properly remove vaporized fat, a normal consequence of cooking. Your exhaust system won’t function correctly if it isn’t kept clean. An unsafe flash fire might start inside the exhaust ducts when too much grease accumulates in your exhaust system.

The care of your kitchen will be excellent

You may have peace of mind knowing that Flue Steam will take good care of your business kitchen. With more than 51 years of experience in the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry, we are well-versed in the best practices for removing grease buildup from every square inch of your exhaust system.

If you contract with Flue Steam for regular cleaning visits, you won’t need to be concerned about a flash fire happening in the kitchen of your school. You may schedule the initial cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system by calling 800-700-FLUE. We’ll be pleased to arrange it for a time and date that work best for your hectic schedule.

Regarding steam cleaning

We employ the steam cleaning technique to thoroughly clean exhaust systems, which uses hot, high-pressure water to remove oil from the exhaust hood, drip cups, and exhaust fans. We advise steam cleaning all school commercial kitchen exhaust systems two to four times annually. Call 800-700-FLUE to request steam cleaning services for your school’s commercial kitchen exhaust system from Flue Steam right now.

Cleaning services that adhere to fire codes

Our professionals issue “Certificate of Performance” stickers as a result of every steam cleaning service as evidence that you have successfully complied with the NFPA code requirements by having your exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis. Our stickers satisfy code enforcers and can even enable your school to receive a discount on its insurance premium.