Turn to Us When You Need the Best Automatic Fire Suppression System for Your Southern California Commercial Kitchen

August 24, 2022
Turn to Us When You Need the Best Automatic Fire Suppression System for Your Southern California Commercial Kitchen

Since the company’s founding in 1971, Flue Steam has been providing commercial kitchen air management and fire prevention services that are well-known throughout Southern California. Flue Steam has served the air control and fire prevention demands of numerous Southern California commercial kitchen managers for many years.

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These systems are crucial for commercial kitchens to have

An automatic fire suppression system is one of the most crucial components that every commercial kitchen must have. Every business kitchen in California is required by law to have one that operates efficiently and continuously. To maintain the security of your commercial kitchen’s personnel, diners, and everyone else nearby, this is highly vital.

Like any safety feature, though, it only functions well if you take adequate care of it. If automatic fire suppression systems aren’t maintained properly, they are worthless.

You can trust us for the best results with your system

Our goal at Flue Steam is to always maintain the highest level of safety in industrial kitchens. We provide a wide selection of fire protection and air control equipment and services for commercial kitchens because of this, including everything you need to install and maintain your automatic fire suppression system.

Sales, installation, maintenance, and repair of automatic fire suppression systems are all provided by Flue Steam. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best automatic fire suppression system for your particular requirements. After that, we’ll help you install it properly for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, we’ll perform routine planned maintenance to keep your system in top shape.

For any commercial kitchen, the ideal situation is that the automated fire suppression system never needs to be used. The ideal result would be that. Ideally, your commercial kitchen’s automated fire suppression system will function flawlessly for years without ever having to put out a fire.

The unexpected does, however, happen, as anybody who has worked in or around a commercial kitchen knows, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst case situation.

The operation of an automatic fire suppression system

When the sensor senses a specific preset temperature, typically 450 degrees, the automated fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen will turn on in the event of a fire. The system then extinguishes any fires on your appliance and in the plenum by releasing an extinguishing chemical.

The automated shut-off valve turns off your gas supply at that precise moment, significantly lowering the possibility of accidents and significant harm to your kitchen. Commercial kitchens require fire suppression systems primarily for their automatic nature, though all systems also have a manual pull trigger.

There’s no need to act alone

Never attempt to choose, install, or maintain your automated fire suppression system by yourself. Flue Steam will ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency, conforms with all applicable regulations (including the UL 300 standard), and carries out any maintenance procedures that are mandated by law every six months. Let Flue Steam handle your automatic fire suppression system so you can concentrate on other important tasks. You don’t need to deal with it any longer. You’ll be incredibly happy you did.

Reach out to us right now by dialing 800-700-FLUE. We are eager to make your commercial kitchen a more secure and hygienic environment to operate each day.