Everything You Want to Know About Our Grease Filter Exchange Program

July 22, 2022
Everything You Want to Know About Our Grease Filter Exchange Program

Cleaning your grease filters might be a major nuisance if you’ve been running a restaurant for more than a month or two. It might be challenging to remember to clean grease filters on a regular basis when you and your crew are preoccupied with other tasks. However, it’s a necessary activity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Regardless of governmental rules, clogged grease filters provide a significant fire risk. Grease-soaked filters don’t function correctly, while clean filters can capture up to 70–80% of the grease that goes through them. Your entire cooking system won’t work properly, and the area just above our cooking appliances will have a dangerous buildup of grease. Your entire kitchen might catch fire with just one spark.

Take no chances!

Allow your employees to concentrate on what they do best, which is creating delicious meals for your guests every day. Let Flue Steam handle the grease filter cleaning. Knowing that your grease filters are taken care of without you having to worry about them constantly will give you incredible piece of mind.

the process of grease filter service

For services to clean and replace grease filters, contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE. We’ll talk about your grease filter requirements and establish a routine for you. Afterward, a skilled grease filter expert will deliver immaculate filters to your kitchen at the appointed intervals, just when you need them.


Grease filters at most restaurants tend to collect a lot of grease, thus it’s advised to change them every two weeks. However, filters can be changed every four weeks if your restaurant staff doesn’t use a lot of fat or oil. We can talk with you about your cooking habits and provide you personalized advice on how to take care of your grease filters.

We bring new filters

In addition to cleaning grease filters, we can also supply you with replacement filters if necessary. The majority of sizes of premium Kason and Flame Guard grease filters are available from us. Additionally, because we buy grease filters in bulk, you can save money each time you need a new grease filter. At regular intervals, our technicians will happily inspect your current grease filters to determine whether they need to be updated.

Background of Flue Steam

You won’t ever have to bother about servicing your grease filters again with Flue Steam! When you get in touch with Flue Steam today, you can cross one item off your list of things to do. You can depend on us to consistently provide quality grease filter service because we have been providing this service to Southern California restaurants for more than 40 years. Because it dramatically lowers the chance of exhaust system fires, this service has been discovered to be highly beneficial for restaurants around the state.

Get in touch with us right away

You’re safe and secure with Flue Steam. To schedule an appointment or emergency service right away, call 800-700-FLUE or send an email to contact@fluesteam.com.