Do You Know the Best Method for Containing a Commercial Kitchen Fire?

May 11, 2022
Do You Know the Best Method for Containing a Commercial Kitchen Fire?

Flash fires in commercial kitchens are much too common. They begin for a number of causes. When a flash fire breaks out, it can cause major disruption to your organization. It could result in a call to the fire brigade, as well as damage to your equipment.

A grease fire is the most prevalent sort of industrial kitchen fire. Grease fires are difficult to put out with ordinary water sprinklers, but your fire suppression system is a crucial tool for putting out a grease fire. When engaged, your fire suppression system joins the range hood and the gas line, cutting off the fire’s fuel source.

A fire suppression system also includes nozzles that spray a fire suppressant through the range hood’s ventilation system. In the case of a fire in your commercial kitchen, these two ways successfully contain flash fires, ensuring that your equipment is not harmed and your personnel are safe. Read on to learn more and then contact Flue Steam at 800-700-FLUE if you need help finding the best fire suppression system and portable fire extinguishers.

Are you certain your fire suppression system is in great working order?

An effective fire suppression system is critical for keeping your commercial kitchen safe and preventing injuries to your kitchen crew. So, are you certain yours is correctly set up and configured? Call the commercial kitchen safety specialists at Flue Steam now to find out. We’ll gladly inspect your current fire suppression system and, if necessary, sell you an upgraded system that you can rely on every day.

We also offer professional fire suppression installation services, so you can be confident that yours is correctly installed. You won’t have to worry as much about flash fires affecting your business if you have an updated fire suppression system that’s correctly configured. In an ideal world, you’ll never need to utilize your fire suppression system, but being prepared is always a good idea. In fact, being prepared is required by law. Fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens are required by regulations to be in good working order.

Flue Steam can assist you in ensuring that your system meets all applicable codes in Southern California, including the UL 300 standard. You may rely on our licensed experts to perform all required inspections and maintenance every six months as required by law.

Experts in commercial kitchen safety

Our objective at Flue Steam is to keep your commercial kitchen safe and efficient 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer the following services for commercial kitchens in addition to fire suppression systems:

  • Cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system (including hand scraping and steam cleaning of fans, hoods, and ducts)
  • Service for changing grease filters
  • Upkeep of the swamp cooler
  • Upkeep of the exhaust fan
  • Sales and service of portable fire extinguishers

For more than 51 years, Flue Steam has served industrial kitchens in Southern California, and we look forward to making your kitchen safer and more efficient. Call 800-700-FLUE to begin your collaboration with Flue Steam.