Opinion: Are Fire Extinguishers Really Necessary in Most Commercial Kitchens?

October 8, 2021
Opinion: Are Fire Extinguishers Really Necessary in Most Commercial Kitchens?

There are several regulations that must be met in order to open, operate, and maintain a commercial kitchen in California. These include maintaining correct license and certification, adhering to safe food handling practices, passing frequent safety inspections, and keeping appliances and plumbing up to code.

Aside from that, installing fire extinguishers in your commercial cooking area is not only a good idea, but it’s also a legal necessity in California. However, having a fire extinguisher or two in your commercial kitchen isn’t enough; the type, quantity, and location of your extinguishers are all important.

What California Commercial Kitchen Laws Require Fire Extinguishers?

The California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, Section 6151, specifies the fire extinguisher standards for California enterprises. Cal OSHA, the California State Fire Marshal, municipal fire marshals, and commercial and corporate liability insurance carriers are among the entities that monitor and enforce these requirements.

Class K fire extinguishers must be safely positioned every 30 feet in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Each extinguisher must be readily accessible at all times and must not be obstructed by furniture or other items. Additionally, all personnel must be instructed on how to use a fire extinguisher and be aware of where they are situated around the facility. Employee training should take place at the time of hire as well as once a year thereafter. Extinguishers should also be examined periodically, and hydrostatic testing should be done on a regular basis.

Are there any consequences if you don’t have fire extinguishers?

Failure to have the required quantity, type, and location of fire extinguishers on your business property may result in heavy fines from OSHA, which can cost thousands of dollars each non-compliant fire extinguisher. If you fail to teach your personnel on fire safety and/or fail to pass yearly inspections/testing, you may face penalties.

It’s vital to follow all rules and standards set by the state of California as well as your city in order to avoid these fines.

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You’ll want to be in compliance not just to keep your commercial restaurant or kitchen running smoothly, but you’ll also want to have excellent, dependable fire extinguishers on hand in case of a flash fire. But how can you know you’re getting high-quality fire extinguishers?

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