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Know the Real Dangers Associated with Not Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Flue on a Regular Basis

October 22, 2021
A kitchen exhaust, flue, range hood, or kitchen hood, as many commercial kitchen owners are aware, is an important piece of equipment that incorporates a mechanical fan. As a consequence of cooking, these machines remove heat, moisture, hazardous gases, airborne grease, steam, and smoke. Although kitchen exhaust is not required by construction rules in all […]

Opinion: Are Fire Extinguishers Really Necessary in Most Commercial Kitchens?

October 8, 2021
There are several regulations that must be met in order to open, operate, and maintain a commercial kitchen in California. These include maintaining correct license and certification, adhering to safe food handling practices, passing frequent safety inspections, and keeping appliances and plumbing up to code. Aside from that, installing fire extinguishers in your commercial cooking […]