It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry with an Automatic Fire Suppression System in Your Gardena CA Restaurant

February 11, 2021
It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry with an Automatic Fire Suppression System in Your Gardena CA Restaurant

When buying or starting up your own restaurant business, you might be shocked to find out just how many laws, codes, and ordinances you must comply with. In the beginning, your head might spin when learning all of this, but after a while of ensuring you’re in compliance with everything that you must be, you might feel a lot more confident with the legality of your business.

However, are you confident that your restaurant has a working and up-to-code automatic fire suppression system? After all, it’s a pretty important piece of equipment!

Perks of an Automatic Fire Suppression System

Anyone that owns a restaurant should know that a flash fire is not exactly all that unlikely. With grease and fats constantly being burned on the stovetop in your kitchen, it’s critical that you have a proper, working kitchen exhaust system. But sometimes exhaust systems fail. Not to mention, there’s only so much your exhaust system can do. On top of that, a flash fire may occur in your kitchen due to a completely unrelated issue, whether or not you have a working exhaust system. That’s where automatic fire suppression systems come in.

Automatic fire suppression systems automatically put out a fire in your restaurant without you needing to intervene. So, even if nobody is in your restaurant, this system will still work to extinguish unwanted flames. Even if there is somebody present to aid with the flash fire, it’s possible that they won’t have equipment such as a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, or a hose, or a bucket of water on hand to quickly extinguish the flames before they spread and cause more damage. Not to mention, they may not even be aware of the fire at first. So, really, an automatic fire suppression system is a saving grace and helps fill in when and where humans can’t most of the times.

Is Your Automatic Fire Suppression System Up to Code in California?

Having an automatic fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen is a huge blessing and something to be very grateful for. However, it must be up to code. Is yours?

If your suppression system isn’t up to code or if you’re not sure if it’s up to code in your commercial kitchen, reach out to Flue Steam, Inc. in Gardena, CA. We can help make sure that it is, in fact, up to code, so you can guarantee a safer kitchen and avoid penalties.

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