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Keep Your Restaurant Free of Contamination with Decontamination Services in Camarillo CA

January 20, 2021
Restaurants were always designed to be safe, clean places that offer as little contamination between different food items (e.g., bread and shellfish) as well as contamination between food and unsafe microbes (e.g., food with exposure to an illness-causing bacterium from unsafe food handling or from being handled directly by a sick employee) as possible. It […]

Don’t Have a Working Restaurant Exhaust System in Burbank CA? Take Advantage of Our Emergency Service

January 8, 2021
Running a restaurant is hard work – no doubt about that. Unfortunately, there are many laws and regulations that restaurant owners must know and follow at all times if they wish to remain open. One of those laws is making sure, that if required, there is an exhaust system installed in the kitchen, let alone, […]