Your Restaurant Guide for Proper Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Camarillo CA

July 21, 2020
Your Restaurant Guide for Proper Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in Camarillo CA

We’re firm believers that a working kitchen exhaust system in a commercial kitchen is more than necessary. By law, these systems are required in restaurants, but even if they weren’t required, we’d still strongly urge all restaurant owners in the state of California to have one of these systems installed. It truly is one of the best and most logical ways to decrease the chances of a fire occurring within your kitchen due to the buildup of grease and other post-cooking debris after all.

Not only is it important to have a kitchen exhaust system installed, but it’s also imperative that this system is regularly cleaned to ensure top-notch performance.

How Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Works

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning can be executed either through hand scraping grease deposits once a month or by using the power of steam to more thoroughly remove grease buildup. The latter service, due to its greater efficiently, only has to be done two to four times a year versus on a monthly basis like its hand-cleaning counterpart.

Ultimately, the timeline in which a restaurant needs to have exhaust system cleaning performed and whether the hand-scraping or steam-cleaning method will be most relevant depends primarily on how often a restaurant cooks on the stovetop.

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning can be performed by the restaurant owner themselves or another employee. However, it is most efficiently done when a kitchen flue cleaning pro does the work.

No matter who performs the kitchen exhaust system cleaning, it’s a good idea that in addition to cleaning the system, that the exhaust fan is inspected to ensure the fan is working normally and that any worn-out belts are replaced. Making sure the fan and all its parts are working correctly is part of what keeps your exhaust system cleaner and in proper working order as long as possible.

The Risks of a Filthy Kitchen Exhaust System

A filthy kitchen exhaust system is almost just as bad as not having an exhaust system at all. If your unit isn’t as clean as a whistle, it will be hard to maintain a safe, grease-free commercial kitchen. As a result, your unit will struggle to filter impurities in the air and get rid of grease and fats in your kitchen that can otherwise ignite a kitchen fire.

The best way to avoid such a tragedy, as well as to avoid a hot, steamy, smelly, hard-to-breathe environment, is to keep your exhaust system clean and well-maintained. It’s relatively simple, and it can keep everyone safe in the process!

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