How Vital are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles CA Restaurants?

July 8, 2020
How Vital are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles CA Restaurants?

There are a lot of things that are important for restaurant owners to do. Some of these things include but are not limited to getting the proper business licensure, remembering to file sales tax on time, ensuring all ingredients are in stock, following all necessary cleaning and sanitization standards, need we say more? There’s a good chance if you’re reading this right now, you’re a restaurant owner yourself and already understand the rundown of things.

However, one thing that many restaurant owners, especially newer ones, fail to realize the importance of in a restaurant setting is an automatic fire suppression system.

A Working Automatic Fire Suppression System Can Ultimately Save Your Restaurant.

You might be curious why automatic fire suppression systems are important. The answer is pretty clear: without a functioning fire suppression system, very serious and often permanent damage can occur within your restaurant if a flash fire were to erupt. In turn, appliances, cooking equipment and utensils, dry storage, and more could all be disintegrated, unusable, and require immediate replacement, which could most definitely hurt your pocket.

Having an automatic fire suppression system is great in that, hence its name, automatically senses and suppresses a fire if it were to occur within your commercial restaurant. Sure, it costs money to get an automatic fire suppression system, let alone, maintain it.

But in the long run, a fire suppression system can potentially save your business thousands and thousands of dollars as it has the power to stop a fire in its tracks as much as possible and, thus, saving you from worse fire damage – or possibly even fire damage at all. And best of all, no human has to be present or even be aware of the kitchen fire to ensure the suppression system kicks in and does its thing.

By Code, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are Required in California Eateries.

Not only are automatic fire suppression systems an integral component of a California restaurant, but they are required by law. Yes, you read that correctly. Without one, you may face a fine or other penalty that could potentially hurt your business.

So, really, getting an automatic fire suppression system installed is ultimately the best thing a restaurant owner can do if they don’t already have one. Or if they already have one, to ensure it’s maintained well over the years.

Allow Flue Steam Inc. to Verify Your Automatic Fire Suppression System is Up to Code!

It’s scary to think that a system as important as automatic fire suppression could potentially not be up to code. Even if it has been properly installed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the system will be in working order. Therefore, it’s important to verify that your system follows all relevant regulations.

One of the easiest ways to confirm the legality of your commercial kitchen automatic fire suppression system in the Southern California area is to get an appointment with Flue Steam Inc.

Call us today for automatic fire suppression system maintenance at 800-700-FLUE!