Filthy Grease Filter in Your Sherman Oaks CA Restaurant? Here’s Why You Need it Cleaned ASAP

May 7, 2020
Filthy Grease Filter in Your Sherman Oaks CA Restaurant? Here's Why You Need it Cleaned ASAP

Commercial kitchens require a lot of upkeep. There’s no doubt about it. Countertops must remain clean and sanitary. Floors must regularly be swept and mopped. Dishes must be done and properly stored. The list goes on for what seems like forever.

Nonetheless, maintaining a clean, orderly, and sanitized environment is critical in commercial kitchens as it can help prevent and deter pests, cross contamination, and illness-causing pathogens.

Another crucial aspect of keeping a commercial kitchen safe and in order? Regularly cleaning your kitchen’s grease filter, if applicable.

A Dirty Grease Filter is a Hazard. Here’s Why

If your commercial kitchen happens to have an exhaust system (which chances are, it does), you have a grease filter that you must remember to exchange every now and then. Overtime, that grease filter, which catches grease particles from a kitchen’s exhaust hoods, will become overloaded with gunk, necessitating that it be replaced with a new, clean filter.

Failure to replace your dirty grease filter on time can lead to a flash fire as grease deposits are highly combustible. Not to mention, the fumes of dirty grease filters can become a problem for one’s health if inhaled.

With how serious the consequences of refusing to change a grease filter can be, and how expensive it could be if a health issue or flash fire were to occur, it makes the most sense to have your filter replaced every three months or so by a professional to prevent such risks.

Trust Flue Steam, Inc. for Quick Grease Filter Exchange in Sherman Oaks CA

Although exchanging grease filters every three months is pretty much customary, how often you’ll need your filter changed out depends primarily on how often you cook in your kitchen. At times, it can be difficult to know whether or not it’s time to switch out your filter. That’s where the pros come in.

Flue Steam, Inc. can not only help you decide how often your filter needs to be changed, but they can also change it out for you and replace your filter with a brand new one. Choosing to have the services of this team can give you greater peace of mind knowing that your chances of a kitchen flash fire will be reduced and, not to mention, that the health of your employees and/or customers won’t be compromised by a filthy grease trap.

Get your first grease filter exchange service in Sherman Oaks, CA today by calling 800-700-FLUE.