My Swamp Cooler is Blowing Hot Air in Mission Viejo CA.

March 11, 2020
My Swamp Cooler is Blowing Hot Air in Mission Viejo CA.

Everyone in the restaurant industry should know that an exhaust system is an integral component of their commercial kitchen. In fact, did you know that one of the main reasons restaurants experience a flash fire is due to problems with their exhaust system (or lack of an exhaust system at all)? It’s true, which is why it’s so important to have an adequate system set in place.

One vital aspect of an exhaust system is a functioning swamp cooler that can replace the hot air accumulating in your kitchen environment with cool, clean air.

Although you may feel relieved to have a swamp cooler in your kitchen, if it isn’t working like normal, it’s not going to be adequately performing its basic job duties, setting your restaurant up for risk. One of the concerning issues you may experience with your cooler is a unit only blowing out hot air. That defeats the purpose!

Reasons Why Your Swamp Cooler Is Blowing Hot Air

When evaporative coolers blow hot air, this can be caused by numerous things.

Sometimes it’s merely caused by humid weather outside. Other times, it might simply be because you just have the “vent/fan” setting turned on, on your unit. You can get away with just turning the fan on when it’s cooler outside. However, when your region is experiencing hotter weather, it’s going to be important to make sure to turn on the “cool” setting. These are two things that you should check first prior to further investigating into the situation.

Other issues that are associated with a swamp cooler failing including a malfunctioning water delivery system (e.g., water turned off, pump failing to pump water into your unit’s pads, water distribution pipe that’s clogged, etc.), cooling pads necessitating replacement, or open access doors to the cooler.

Sometimes its not always easy to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem your swamp cooler is experiencing. Either way, a properly working swamp cooler is vital to have in your commercial kitchen environment. Figuring out what’s troubling your unit is an absolute must to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable kitchen.

Affordable Swamp Cooler service in Mission Viejo CA

Is your swamp cooler experiencing some problems in your Mission Viejo, CA commercial kitchen? Or, maybe it’s not having issues, but you still want a routine checkup to ensure everything is in order. Either way, Flue Steam, Inc. offers swamp cooler service for a great cost. With flexible hours of operation, we’ll gladly perform regular maintenance on your restaurant’s swamp cooler at a time that works best for you.

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