Do I Have to Have A Kitchen Exhaust System Installed in My Mission Viejo CA Restaurant?

February 8, 2020
Do I Have to Have A Kitchen Exhaust System Installed in My Mission Viejo CA Restaurant?

Opening a new restaurant or even purchasing a pre-existing restaurant involves quite a bit of legal and safety concerns. If you’re fairly new to the food industry, you’ve probably conducted quite a bit of research. For instance, you probably know what licenses you must have, you’re aware how to avoid cross-contamination, and you’re knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining a clean kitchen environment.

However, something you might still have a question about is whether or not it’s a must to have an exhaust system installed in your California commercial kitchen. The answer you’re looking for is as follows.

A Kitchen Exhaust is a Necessity in Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen exhausts are critical units in a commercial kitchen. Why? Because they help expel humidity and debris from the kitchen environment, allow for proper sanitation, and provide a consistent flow of fresh air.

The state of California knows just how important exhaust systems are. According to California Health and Safety Code 114149 (a), “All areas of a food facility shall have sufficient ventilation to facilitate proper food storage and to provide a reasonable condition of comfort for each employee, consistent with the job performed by the employee.”

Based on the latter, not only is an exhaust system in a California commercial kitchen necessary, but it’s required. Apart from this safety code, know that there are also specific guidelines in California regarding exhaust system placement, necessary parts, cleanliness, and operation.

Safety Hazards of Cooking Without Kitchen Ventilation

Operating a commercial kitchen without an exhaust is not only illegal, but it’s a big risk. Imagine a humid, stuffy, odorous environment filled with toxic air that could potentially be detrimental to your staff members’ health. And with the risk of a flash fire and slip and fall injuries, you bet having adequate kitchen ventilation isn’t an option; it’s a must.

We know what you’re thinking: getting a kitchen exhaust installed, let alone maintaining that exhaust system over the years, is intimidating. But it’s the law – you must have one installed, and it must remain clean. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it on your own every three months or so. (We know how busy restaurant workers are!)

When you call Flue Steam, Inc. at 800-700-FLUE for kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Mission Viejo, CA, we’ll be sure to spruce up your system to keep it in proper operation. Our special certification and knowledge on flue systems certainly shows in our work!