What Does Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Arcadia, CA Involve?

November 20, 2019
What Does Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Arcadia, CA Involve?

For those who own a commercial kitchen, getting regular kitchen exhaust cleaning performed is critical. Leaving greasy residue to buildup in your kitchen is equivalent to anticipating a disaster. From the restriction of airflow to the start of a flash fire, excess grease in your kitchen is a devil in disguise.

To maintain a safe kitchen and avoid potential penalties, there’s no wiser decision than to delegate your kitchen exhaust cleaning tasks to Flue Steam, Inc. in Arcadia, CA. Our team of professionals has been doing what we have been doing since 1971. We can practically clean a kitchen flue with our eyes closed and our hands tied behind out back (although, we won’t)!

Here’s what our kitchen exhaust cleaning service consists of:

Hand Scraping and Steam Cleaning

There are two main methods of exhaust cleaning we offer: hand scraping and steam cleaning. Hand scraping, which is typically performed once a month, is an easy and affordable way to eliminate the buildup of grease by hand. It’s also less expensive, although not quite as effective, as its steam cleaning counterpart.

As an alternative, you might try our steam cleaning service. Steam cleaning involves removing grease via the use of hot, high-pressure water. As you might expect, steam cleaning is quicker, and the results are more reliable than scraping grease residue by hand. Due to its advantage over hand scraping, some businesses opt for steam cleaning a few times a year versus getting hand scraping done a dozen times a year.

Exhaust Fan Inspection

Included in your kitchen exhaust cleaning appointment, our Flue Steam, Inc. team will inspect your exhaust fan for no extra cost. During the inspection, we’ll check to make sure the parts of your exhaust fan are up to par and will let you know if anything needs to be replaced for you and your kitchen’s safety. And, for no additional charge, we’ll gladly grease your fan bearings and replace any old, worn-out belts.

Certificate of Performance Stickers

At the end of your exhaust cleaning appointment, our team will provide you with “Certificate of Performance” stickers. These stickers serve two important roles. For one, they ensure you fulfil your NFPA code requirements. Secondly, you can save money on your insurance bills thanks to the presence of these stickers. Like hitting two birds with one stone!

Are you interested in kitchen flue cleaning in Arcadia, CA? We’re currently taking on new clients! Phone us up today at 800-700-FLUE.