Reduce Your Risk of a Kitchen Fire with Flue Steam, Inc. in Culver City, CA

October 9, 2019
Reduce Your Risk of a Kitchen Fire with Flue Steam, Inc. in Culver City, CA

Commercial kitchens are hardly considered safe environments. You wouldn’t want to leave children unattended in one, that’s for sure. Potential cross contamination, sharp kitchen tools, and slip and fall hazards are all possible in a commercial kitchen. However, the riskiest of all is the potential for a flash fire. With hot appliances, open flames, and grease buildup, the possibilities of a kitchen fire aren’t completely uncommon.

Besides maintaining good practices in your Culver City, CA commercial kitchen, it’s important to reach out to Flue Steam, Inc. for ways to properly stop a potential fire in its tracks. Just as importantly, Flue Steam, Inc. can help ensure your commercial kitchen meets fire safety codes and regulations, so you don’t get a big, fat fine in the process of operating a hazardous kitchen.

What Flue Steam, Inc. Provides

Flue Steam, Inc. offers a variety of services to keep your commercial kitchen as safe from fires as possible. We offer kitchen exhaust cleaning, grease filter exchange, and swamp cooler service. In addition, we supply and install automatic fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers.

Most importantly, our team at Flue Steam, Inc. is familiar with the codes that apply to your business in specific. Our team knows how many fire extinguishers your commercial kitchen needs and where they must be installed, how often your kitchen exhaust steam needs to be cleaned and maintained, and where ventilation systems like swamp coolers need to be installed in your kitchen. We know this not only based on logic but based on law.

Call Us to See How we Can Make Your Culver City Safer

In business for multiple decades, Flue Steam, Inc. has the resources, supply, and intelligent team to help you maintain a fire-safe commercial kitchen in Culver City, CA. Even if you rarely cook in your commercial kitchen, you aren’t safe from a potential fire. Not only is safety a key factor, but it’s required that you maintain a specific commercial kitchen environment to avoid and suppress a flash fire if and when it occurs.

And by doing the later, you and your business can benefit too. It means you have less of a potential for resignations or even lawsuits from employees that got injured due to a kitchen fire, fines charged for not having the right suppression system set in place, and equipment or structural damage from unruly flames.

Contact Flue Steam, Inc. today to see what we can do to help you maintain a safer commercial kitchen. Our number is 800-700-FLUE.