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24 Hour Kitchen Exhaust Emergency Service in Los Angeles County

June 17, 2019
Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t just for show; these special fans play a prominent role in kitchens big and small. Your exhaust or flue system helps dispel kitchen odors, fumes, humidity and heat, smoke, and gas – all the yuck and gunk you wouldn’t want your kitchen to trap in. In turn, a kitchen exhaust can […]

Gymkhana fire: Restaurant shut down by multi-storey blaze

June 11, 2019
Some 60 crew members from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) were forced to respond after a blaze tore through Michelin-starred Indian fine dining restaurant Gymkhana. Footage from the scene showed smoke pouring from the building on Albemarle Street. A spokesperson for JKS Restaurants, which owns the site, confirmed nobody was harmed in the incident and the fire was extinguished […]

Preventing Grease Buildup in Your Commercial Kitchen Before the Dangers

June 7, 2019
There are times where grease can be considered good, like when we need to lubricate machinery or a vehicle’s brake pads for optimal function. The right grease or lubricant can also aid with a jammed or squeaky door or when we need to waterproof and protect a pair of shoes. Coming in contact with greasy […]