Say Goodbye to Kitchen Grease with Kitchen Exhaust Steam Cleaning in Culver City

May 10, 2019

Say Goodbye to Kitchen Grease with Kitchen Exhaust Steam Cleaning in Culver City

Restaurant owners have a lot to consider to maintain a clean, sterile, and safe kitchen environment for themselves and their employees. Keeping a clean kitchen also means customers will benefit too.

Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves wiping down countertops and hard surfaces, scrubbing sinks and the insides of appliances, and mopping and sweeping the floors. However, another critical aspect of a commercial kitchen that requires your attention is keeping your exhaust free of grease buildup.

Keeping your kitchen flue clear of grease is easy with exhaust steam cleaning and will allow your kitchen to garner substantial benefits.

Reduce Your Risk of Dangerous Flash Fires

One of primary consequences of not keeping your kitchen flue clear of grease is the risk of dealing with a flash fire. Because grease is highly flammable, taking chances by letting it build up overtime is not wise.

Worst of all, if your kitchen does end up in flames due to a greasy kitchen exhaust, your insurance company may not cover most, or even any, of the damages considering a flash fire caused by grease buildup is highly preventable. Quite frankly, keeping your flue clean is your responsibility, no one else’s.

The good news is, however, that having professional kitchen exhaust steam cleaning performed quarterly can reduce your risk of dealing with an unwanted kitchen fire. The only flames in your kitchen should be the flames that are cooking your food.

Say Hello to a Cleaner Kitchen

Apart from achieving a safer commercial kitchen environment by regularly cleaning your exhaust to eliminate solidified, flammable grease, these cleanings can also ensure you have a cleaner, brighter exhaust system. After all, grease accumulation is not a pretty sight; it’s and eyesore and, not to mention, looks unprofessional.

At Flue Steam, we pride ourselves in leaving your business’ kitchen exhaust bright, shiny, and hazard-free with our quality steaming services. A commercial kitchen can never be too safe or too clean.

Supplement Monthly Hand Cleanings with a Few Annual Steam Cleanings

Although cleaning your commercial kitchen exhaust by hand on a monthly basis is cost-effective, you can supplement those time-consuming, pesky cleanings with just two to four cleanings a year with professional steam cleaning services. While steam cleaning is more expensive than cleaning your exhaust by hand, it gets the job done faster and more thoroughly, thus resulting in a safer kitchen.

In the long-run, opting for kitchen steam cleaning can eliminate your chances of not only dealing with on-site injuries and/or property damage but can also save you from a hefty bill, fine, penalty, or even the loss of your business.

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