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The Risks of Not Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Flue Regularly

May 20, 2019
As many commercial kitchen owners might know, a kitchen exhaust, flue, range hood, or kitchen hood is an important piece of equipment that contains a mechanical fan. These devices remove heat, moisture, toxic fumes, airborne grease, and steam and smoke as byproducts of cooking. Although not all commercial structures have building codes requiring that a […]

Say Goodbye to Kitchen Grease with Kitchen Exhaust Steam Cleaning in Culver City

May 10, 2019
Restaurant owners have a lot to consider to maintain a clean, sterile, and safe kitchen environment for themselves and their employees. Keeping a clean kitchen also means customers will benefit too. Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves wiping down countertops and hard surfaces, scrubbing sinks and the insides of appliances, and mopping and sweeping the floors. […]