Effective, Thorough Steam Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

January 31, 2019

Effective, Thorough Steam Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

Do you wish your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system was truly squeaky clean? Have you noticed that hand scraping, while simple and pretty effective, simply isn’t capable of reaching every inch of your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system? If you have thought one or all of these thoughts recently, then you should turn to Flue Steam. We’re Southern California’s favorite steam cleaning company. We have been steam cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems throughout Southern California for over 52 years, and we would be happy to visit your kitchen on a regular basis to make sure it’s not only up to code, but also totally safe and efficient for everyday cooking in your commercial kitchen. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, hospital, retirement facility, or any other kind of commercial kitchen, make sure its exhaust system is perfectly clean by partnering with Flue Steam today.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning utilized hot, pressurized water to thoroughly remove grease deposits from every inch – every millimeter, even – of your commercial kitchen exhaust system. While it is a bit more expensive than hand scraping, it delivers a more thorough cleaning. We recommend signing up for steam cleaning services for your exhaust system about 2-4 times per year. This number varies based on how much grease gets trapped in your exhaust system. Do you fry and broil food on a regular basis? If so, then you should definitely sign up for steam cleaning services 4 times a year. Do you fry and boil infrequently? Perhaps you have a sushi restaurant, so that kind of cooking isn’t done that much. Then you’ll be good with stem cleaning just 2 or 3 times a year. Schedule today by calling 800-700-FLUE.

What will be cleaned?

We’ll set up specialized equipment to reach every inch of your exhaust system. We’ll start with the range hood, which naturally gets the most grease deposits on it. Then we’ll remove grease deposits from the exhaust ducts, drip cups, and exhaust fans. To make sure you receive the best cleaning possible, we can also install code-required access panels in your ducts. We make every effort to make sure your exhaust system gets sparkling clean at every cleaning service.

Bonus services

The safety and efficiency of your commercial kitchen are important priorities to us. As a result, every regularly scheduled cleaning includes and inspection of your exhaust fan. Our technician will check the belts and other parts, as well as grease your fan bearings. If your belts get worn out and you have a replacement on hand, we’ll install the new belt at no additional charge. This ensures that your exhaust fan will always be able to do its job and draw properly, so your entire exhaust system will stay cleaner much longer than it would otherwise.

We look forward to establishing a partnership with you, and always providing premium steam cleaning services for your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Call us today at 800-700-FLUE to schedule your first appointment.