Emergency Services from Flue Steam Inc.

May 20, 2018

Emergency Services from Flue Steam Inc.

We recommend that everyone who operates a commercial kitchen anywhere in Southern California sign up for our exhaust system cleaning services. Monthly hand scraping, supplemented with quarterly steam cleaning, will ensure dangerous grease doesn’t accumulate in your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system, resulting in a flash fire. Keeping your exhaust system clean and grease-free in all areas is not only recommended, it’s required according to California laws.

Included services

When you sign up for exhaust system cleaning services, we’ll make sure your system is drawing properly to ensure it stays clean for as long as possible. As part of this effort, we’ll include an exhaust fan inspection as part of every cleaning service. We’ll check the belts and all other parts, plus we’ll grease your fan bearings. If your belts happen to be worn out and you have a replacement readily on-hand, we’ll even install the new belt at no additional charge. This is just one way to make sure your commercial kitchen exhaust system works as efficiently as possible every time you and your staff start cooking.

Help is at hand 24/7

Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t in commercial kitchens just to make it more comfortable – they’re actually required by law. It’s super risky – not to mention illegal – to operate a commercial kitchen without a working exhaust system, including all necessary fans. We provide emergency services throughout Southern California that include the repair of:

  • Exhaust fan motors, bearings, pulleys, and belt
  • Swamp cooler motors, belts, pads, pumps, and float valves
  • Automatic fire suppression systems
  • Automatic gas shutoff valves

If an emergency situation ever arises in your commercial kitchen, rest assured that we’ll be right there to resolve it whenever you call us at 800-700-FLUE. The safety of your commercial kitchen is directly tied to the condition of the commercial kitchen exhaust system, automatic fire suppression system, and swamp cooler.

Prevent an emergency situation from arising

We hope you never have an emergency in your commercial kitchen, but rely on Flue Steam for fast, efficient problem-solving ASAP. As for right now, there are proactive steps you can take to prevent an emergency situation from occurring. Invest in regular equipment inspections and cleanings. At every inspection and cleaning from Flue Steam, we’ll automatically grease your fan bearings, check the belts, and replace worn belts with new, customer-supplied ones whenever necessary, at no charge.

We recommend booking your exhaust system cleaning services one week in advance, though we can do the cleaning at any date and time that’s most convenient for your busy schedule.

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