Granada Hills, CA Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Services

April 10, 2018

Granada Hills, CA Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Services

Do you operate a commercial kitchen in Granada Hills, CA? Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or other commercial entity, you know that it’s a lot of work to keep it operating smoothly. Plenty of people come to Granada Hills, CA, each year to visit its beautiful O’Melveny Park (the 2nd largest part in Los Angeles), the Granada Hills Recreation Center (also known as Petit Park), Zelzah Park, and its many public and private schools. Whether you’re catering to the visiting soccer team or a big family of local residents, you want to make sure they have the best possible experience at your establishment. You can take care of carefully planning the menu, selecting gorgeous décor, and setting reasonable prices, but if you neglect this key area, your visitors’ experience at your restaurant will be a complete disaster.

What could it be?

The cleanliness of your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. Your exhaust system is an essential part of the successful operation of your entire commercial kitchen. It removes hot air and odors from your kitchen each day, and it safely removes vaporized grease, which is a natural byproduct of cooking. Keeping your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system clean will enable it to do its job effectively. Failing to make sure it’s cleaned on a regular basis puts you at risk of a flash fire within the exhaust ducts. If a flash fire erupts in your commercial kitchen, you’ll have to call the fire department and your entire business will be interrupted. Talk about a costly mistake!

Reduce your risk of flash fires in Granada Hills

Thankfully there’s an easy way to dramatically lower your risk of flash fires in Granada Hills, CA. Partner with Flue Steam for all your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning needs. We have been providing high quality, thorough, fire-code-compliant cleaning services in Granada Hills, CA, and surrounding areas for over 53 years. We provide both hand scraping and steam cleaning services. Hand scraping involves removing grease deposits from all accessible areas, whereas steam cleaning utilizes hot, high-pressure water to remove grease. During every cleaning visit, our technicians make every effort to reach every inch of your exhaust system including the dust ducts, drip cups, and exhaust fans. We recommend you sign up for monthly hand scraping services and supplement with more thorough steam cleaning services 2-4 times per year.

Certificate of Performance

At each regularly scheduled cleaning visit, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Performance sticker that indicates that you’ve fulfilled your NFPA code obligations. Not only do our stickers keep code inspectors satisfied, but they may also help you save money on your insurance bills.

Our mission

Our ultimate goal at Flue Steam is to make your commercial kitchen as safe as possible. In this vein, every regularly scheduled cleaning visit also includes an exhaust fan inspection. Our technician will check the belts and other parts as well as grease your fan bearings. If your belts happen to be worn out and you have a replacement on hand, we’ll install it for you at no charge. That’s just one extra way we make sure your system stays cleaner for as long as possible.

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