Worried about Code Violations for your Commercial Kitchen? Let Flue Steam Inc. Help

October 14, 2016

Worried about Code Violations for your Commercial Kitchen? Let Flue Steam Inc. HelpIf you manage a commercial kitchen, there are so many codes that you need to be aware of and on top of 24/7. If an inspector shows up unexpectedly and you’re caught with a dirty flue or another code-breaking situation, you could be slapped with serious fines. This could absolutely ruin not only your reputation in the community, but your bottom line. You’ll have to close for a certain period of time, losing valuable income each day, and you’ll have to pay a steep fine in order to reopen for business.

Don’t risk it! Make sure you’re always following each code to the letter every day in your commercial kitchen. You’ll be so glad you did because you won’t have to deal with the enormous hassle of dealing with violation repurcussions.

But how are you supposed to stay on top of every single code and ensure your commercial kitchen complies with them all the time? You already have enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis – adding more items to your To Do list just isn’t feasible. You don’t have enough hours in the day as-is!

That’s where Flue Steam comes in. Begin your partnership with Flue Steam and you won’t have to worry about key violations in your commercial kitchen ever again. We offer a plethora of services to make your job as a kitchen manager so much easier. Services we provide include:

  • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning (including hand scraping and steam cleaning)
  • Fans, hoods, and ducts
  • Grease filter exchange service
  • Swamp cooler maintenance
  • Exhaust fan maintenance
  • Automatic fire suppression system service
  • Portable fire extinguisher sales and service

Complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning

When you partner with Flue Steam, you’ll enjoy much cleaner and safer cooking every day in your commercial kitchen. We’ll keep your exhaust system clean and up-to-code so you can focus on other essential operations. Let us take this cumbersome, gross – though absolutely necessary – task off your plate permanently. We provide “Certificates of Performance” stickers after each job that serve as proof that you’ve fulfilled your NFPA code obligations. Partnering with Flue Steam may even help you save on your insurance bills!

When we clean your kitchen exhaust system, we’ll also inspect your exhaust fan for free. We’ll check the fan, belts, as well as grease your fan bearings. If your belts are worn out and you have a replacement readily available, we’ll be glad to install it for you at no charge. It’s just one extra way we say that we care about making sure your exhaust system works properly and stays cleaner longer.

Grease filter exchange service

Clean grease filters trap 70-80% of the grease that passes through them. If yours gets too full, it won’t be able do function properly, which results in a dangerous accumulation of grease right above your cooking appliances. Enlist the expertise of Flue Steam to exchange your grease filters at regular intervals so you’ll always have clean, effective grease filters readily available to you and your staff. 

Begin your partnership with Flue Steam today by calling 800-700-FLUE. Many local commercial kitchen managers have already discovered the enormous benefits of partnering with Flue Steam – why don’t you?