Wake Up to a Clean Commercial Kitchen

February 26, 2015

Flue Steam cleans your exhaust ducts without leaving a mess in the kitchen.

Wake Up to a Clean Commercial Kitchen As a commercial kitchen owner or operator, you are no doubt familiar with the fire code requirements that mandate frequent kitchen exhaust system cleanings. But have you found a company that can clean your exhaust system without messing up the rest of your kitchen? Look no further than Flue Steam. We can efficiently and effectively clean every inch of your exhaust system overnight without leaving a mess your employees will have to deal with in the morning.

Complete Range of Cleaning Services

At Flue Steam, we’ve been specializing in kitchen air control and fire prevention since 1971. Our company understands exactly what must be done in order to ensure code compliance and also help reduce the risk of fire, odor, and temperature problems in your kitchen. We make sure each and every employee is fully trained up to our high standard to perform all the kitchen exhaust cleaning services we offer:

  • Exhaust hood scraping: We remove grease from heavy buildup areas like cooking appliance exhaust hoods by hand. This is typically recommended every month.
  • Steam cleaning: Our steam cleaning service can be used two to four times per year to reach every nook and cranny of your ductwork.
  • Grease filter exchange: We can also replace your dirty grease filters with clean ones.
  • Certificates: After cleaning, we provide certificates showing the date of cleaning to help satisfy NFPA code inspectors.

Convenient After Hours Appointments

The whole point of kitchen exhaust cleaning is to keep your kitchen in safe operating condition. Therefore we don’t want the cleaning to ever interfere with your operations. That’s why rather than providing cleanings only during business hours, we provide cleanings at the times that are most convenient for each individual client.

No Mess in Your Kitchen

It can be very frustrating for kitchen staff to find that their cooking appliances and prep surfaces have gotten dirty during a kitchen exhaust cleaning and now need to be re-cleaned before the day’s food prep work can begin. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this problem when you trust Flue Steam with your kitchen exhaust cleaning. We respect your kitchen and your staff, so we take care to protect all surfaces with plastic before beginning work. This is especially important with steam cleaning, as this service involves spraying warm water through the ductwork. In the hands of an amateur this can leave a huge mess, but in our capable hands you simply get clean ducts and a clean kitchen.

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