Three Problems That Could Shut Down Your Restaurant

March 24, 2014

Watch out for these three problems to avoid unnecessary loss of revenue at your restaurant

Three ProblemsRunning a commercial kitchen involves juggling many different responsibilities. Besides making sure the food tastes good, you have to keep the kitchen clean and safe. Here are three possible restaurant-ruining problems to watch out for.


Water from a burst pipe or a backed up drain could potentially cause a restaurant closure. Depending on the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage, you could be looking at a few hours or a few weeks of lost business. Drainage problems may be particularly worrisome, as a backed up drain could result in unsanitary water soaking into the carpet or furnishings and requiring total replacement. You can help reduce the risk of water damage closing your restaurant by contacting a plumber for regular inspections and drain cleanings.

Health Code Violation

A health code violation can not only potentially shut your doors but also damage your restaurant’s reputation for months or even years to come, depending on how highly publicized the violation may be and how deep of a mark it makes on online review sites. In order to prevent health code violations from costing you customers, make sure employees understand and comply with all health code requirements. Also, do whatever you can to make it easier for them to stay in compliance—such as setting up chemical dispensers so that cleaning chemicals are always at hand in the proper dilutions.

Kitchen Exhaust System Fire

A fire in your kitchen exhaust system has the potential to cause a minor disruption or a major incident at your restaurant. Best case scenario, the automatic fire suppression system will snuff the fire before your customers even realize anything has happened. However, you may still need to stop cooking on that appliance until the system is inspected and reset. Worst case scenario, the fire could spread through the duct work and into other parts of the building. Even if the fire department arrives quickly and puts out the fire, you’ll still have significant smoke, fire, and water damage to repair. Fortunately, you can prevent kitchen grease fires with help from Flue Steam.

Three Ways Flue Steam Can Help Prevent Fires

Flue Steam specializes in commercial kitchen fire prevention. We offer three important services to help protect your restaurant from losing business due to fire damage.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning: We can provide a combination of kitchen exhaust hood scraping and exhaust duct steam cleaning to remove the grease deposits that could fuel a fire.

Automatic Fire Suppression System Maintenance: We can install and service automatic fire suppression systems to ensure they meet relevant local fire code requirements and can extinguish fires in the exhaust hood quickly.

Grease Filter Exchange Service: We can also come to your restaurant on a regular basis to swap out your dirty grease filter for a clean one, to further help reduce the risk of greasy buildup causing a fire.

Please contact us now to learn more about these important services.