Swamp Cooler Service Los Angeles CA

June 25, 2013

Swamp Cooler ServiceSwamp coolers, aka evaporative coolers, are wonderfully simple machines that provide fresh, cool air to your commercial kitchen without gobbling up electricity like an air conditioner would. However, if you want your swamp cooler to deliver the best possible performance, you need to invest in regular swamp cooler service Los Angeles CA from the pros at Flue Steam. Here’s a taste of what our swamp cooler maintenance visits include.

Mechanical System Check

The key parts of a swamp cooler are the pump motor, pump, float valve, pads, fan motor, and fan. When all these parts work together in concert, you get the cool air you need in your kitchen. When the parts start to wear out, the efficiency of the machine begins to suffer. When you call Flue Steam for swamp cooler service Los Angeles CA, we will make sure that all of the moving parts in your unit are properly adjusted and in good condition. If we notice any problems, such as a loose or worn fan belt, we will be happy to make the repair using high-quality replacement parts.

Water Check

Maintaining appropriate water circulation inside the swamp cooler is very important. On each service call, we inspect the water inflow and overflow lines to make sure they are leak-free. We also inspect the tray for leaks, and make sure that the float arm is adjusted to keep the water level in the correct range. If the water level is too low, your system won’t have enough water to run efficiently, but if the water level is too high, it will start draining off through the overflow port and you’ll waste water. We also monitor the swamp cooler as it runs, to make sure that water is flowing over the pads properly.

Cleaning & Resealing

The final step in our swamp cooler service Los Angeles CA is to clean and reseal the entire unit. Getting regular cleanings is especially important if you have hard water, as you will get mineral buildup inside the swamp cooler. Our expert technicians can clean mineral deposits out of the tray and replace the evaporative pads as needed.

After a visit from Flue Steam, your swamp cooler should be prepared for another 6 months of dependable service. However, if you do ever have a swamp cooler emergency, don’t hesitate to call us for help.